Reality : Tracking Down Fortune

George clooney

The Best Medicine is the one you cook yourself.

““Do You want to be on people`s mind or on Google’s add list” Alexis Grants

These are the most powerful words that meant so much to me;  It came when I needed to hear it. in life,we can only regret not having tried probably something worth trying. Relationships with people are so important to me. I love relating with people, but I kind of get it, yet I also do not know how to maintain it. I just stink at it. I am poor at keeping up with dishonest people. Sufferings of other people make me depressed.I started blogging with nothing; I still do not have anything except my children and my husband . Alexis invited all her company to World Domination writers last two  past weekends in Portland Oregon  , she promised to bring everyone together.  I was hoping to see her in particular, and all the authors I have read all my life ( Gretchen Rubin and others 300  and something authors ) I thought it would have been an escape too but it never happened. Now again I have been invited to a children’s live webnair conference in London coming up on July 18th, going there would have given  me access to more live information that I will need to write too yet, I won’t be going .

Prior before all these, I needed an editor to help me with my fully overloaded work, yet I could not afford that all the time. My computer broke down. Nothing was working with me financially, but I was getting all the work done just on mere determination. I did not set up this blog to make money in a seconds , but when I notice that more people are reading, I wanted to keep the blog running by looking for means to get money to keep up with the quality of work I was doing.

I thought I could manage two blogs at a time without sweating.

1 My problem started when I went out of my way to manage another site. I was told by my closest friend and mentor, Diane, not to because it will add more stress to my problems. But when someone continuously repeats something, I may not quite get it, until I try it. Recently, I went against my own wish of my seven guiding principles which says in nothing be you anxious, I have not only become anxious to make money but have totally had to refocus. I thought making a little money online will help me to work on things I need to do. But I find my self  in a deep hole , just like raising kids. How many times will a parent try to teach, educate, chastise a child, yet oftentimes the child will still not understand it until he or she figures it out on his or her own after many failures and trials?

Here is my point.

Last time I openly told everyone that I will be going to have a new host. Yes I got a new host, now what? Yes not only did I have a new host, but I also met a wonderful young man who was willing to help me.

1 But here is the problem.

1 There is so much to learn in one day about Word press especially if you are a writer. You do not need that stress; therefore, avoid it at all costs.

2 You have no idea how huge this place is until you try it by yourself. Having a theme only cannot do it. Technically there is so much to figure out. It will cost you your time and effort which is so irreplaceable.

3 If you are planning to set up a blog on your own, be very simple about it. Use a name that is somehow attached to you that nobody will take away from you. It is easier to transfer a name than to get a new name politically correct.

4 Blogging “isolation style” may not be for you especially if you are not tech savvy,  and if you want people to read your work, you might as well blog in your bedroom. For me I still have my old blog attached to the new one. The first time I went into my new blog it was so lonely, cold, and felt like me against a wall in a prison by myself. I had to jump out by making sure my old blog was still there. So therefore, before you transfer your blog, make sure your old blog is working and make sure you have  seen a counselor because the stress that goes with it is too much.

2 Between learning technology and caring for the children intertwined.

Yes trying to learn new technology,  between setting my blog, and  taking care of my children at home during the summer became a challenge. Between 8 hours every day abandoning my chores as a stay home mother while I was trying to figure out technology was a bit of a hassle, frustrating, and mind boggling; Coupled with that fact that I was getting tons and tons of fake emails with all kinds of solutions that I do not know how it happened; between that, I was putting my frustrations on my kids by locking myself in a room trying to figure out something that was becoming invincible. Everything I tried brought more frustrations that I could no longer handle. I only felt so good when I wrote a cry out to technology. I tried to abandon what I was doing.  I met technical nightmares. I started reacting to dishonesty among people who had started  black market online, Facebook fraudsters. That led to my two blogs. “A Wind of Change” A cry out to technology. But yet those blogs  weren’t sending out the real message.

3  Finding love : My Great encounter with the Con artist on my Facebook

Recently Facebook brought some laughter to me, especially my feeds. But it also brought out fear, nervousness, and hopelessness because I was dealing with too many strange people that have no business dealing with me. I recently noticed that my blog was  actually  cut out from  my real fans from Nigeria. The only way they can access it was through Yahoo,  ( they  fall into a user base slightly less technical) I miss talking with my real cousins and it hurts, but it is alarming what is happening to me. I tried to push myself into someone that I wasn’t by trying to be friendly but was coming out short. I was even accused of not saying anything to them on Facebook and I started, but it went flat and I realized that there are so many dishonest people out there.

About Facebook in particular, if I have the power to enact a law, in my opinion, one can only be friends to only the people she or he knows, trusts, and makes sure they have a genuine intention to be on Facebook. I saw my pictures tagged all over the place. I thought I needed people to read this, if you do not already know what goes on Facebook. It was frustrating simply because I barely knew what goes on there.I was wondering why?

 People  will  tag your name to a donkey, animals, ants, grasshopper and anything you do not want to associate yourself with. Although I wanted to change my lifestyle, be friendly, open up to a community I thought I knew now,  yet I got my heart broken with a sign that said, “Stop eating with  the devil, .” But at least I tried. You know that if it is between you and I and a few others that think alike, see things differently; this life will be fair. Generally, we are supposed to rely on other people to make us happy. But what do we get–heartbroken, distrust, or sadness. I really learn that yes I value relationships but I  just let it fizzle.

In the end, I do not think  is wrong  making money through ones work. But creating a fortune here as I am learning now require another type of school. Trying too many things all out once can be challenging especially if you are new at blogging. I also realize that successful people I know now are  really good at Networking. You cannot help it but root for them. Although I want to focus on Poetry now ,but I have to first   figure out technology.  Things are changing before my  eyes.

Learning is very fun; it gives me an idea on what to know and what not to. It helps to motivate and shape you into what you will become. Blogging is another school, learning something new, experiencing something new especially if you are in the mix of right people..  is a great way of learning.

on the other hand, I also learned that if I did not try, how will I know? One additional piece of knowledge does not hurt anyone. Rather it  gave me another reason to celebrate a milestone. Overcoming my illiteracy about technology and moving on with my life, but it is not a bad thing in trying stuff out by one self; you never know. But one lesson is that if I did not try, how would I know that this is a problem?

It also shows that I am even stronger than I thought, but not without the help from all the people that sent me information during this crisis. I love all of you. now you know I will send  a private message from the bottom of my hearts. My regards to author Tina Gayle ,Alexis  you worked like there was no tomorrow for me . The  manager`s Diary who walked so hard for me  . Our own Diane was there for me too even when she vowed that she will not help me if I run into trouble .  They saved me and all the other bloggers here too. I almost quit blogging but for those words , I did not know what to do. I want to be in people`s mind but hey!  There was war in my head that would have consumed me.

It is even harder for me to get advice on phone, through emails, private conversations . Since I opened this blog, I want people  to ask me all  those  questions in my blog. That is the only way anybody can help me. I have too many fake  emails confusing me.  I want to write but I also want to build a subscription list. I was torn between two conflicting  interests?  One that want  to write so bad, and one that wants to focus on helping my blog succeed.? Please you can  ask me any question.

Your questions  means so much to me.  Send me your questions here  please. Help me to grow. It is hard to convince anyone that I have many readers. You can no longer be anonymous.


3 thoughts on “Reality : Tracking Down Fortune

  1. Dear Nkechi… I hope you understand I said that I ‘could not’ help you not help you not ‘would not’… because I found previously that I didn’t understand ‘self-hosted’ blog sites …. that I found it too confusing….. Diane…

    1. Diane, you are the voice of reason. I wish you are the one with all the help we need. i wish God will give people like you money to help the powerless, I know you and I will be here for you. Like I told you, people are already complaining that the theme I choose is too difficult for them to read. I will see what I will do, Do not worry, I am okay
      thank you

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