Check ! What is killing Your Creativity

Summary 3 things that can  negatively impacts  one`s creativity

1 If one is struggling with anything they are not good at for a long time; the impacts  can be huge. It might be a long list of things which includes, but not limited to  technology. Some of the most successful people I have seen so far on internet are very good at networking, They are also good at  coordinating  webnairs  too . To be an effective writer, one`s  mind must be free from all  stress . Unlike before when all you have to do is write, now things  have changed. As a writer , you have to be able to network which keeps changing too.Then to depend on your own strength to do it, can create uneasiness  especially if one continuously tries and fails. Remember you do not have to do it, but it is highly recommended. Persistence is the key of achieving this type of training that writing requires.

2  Listening to negative assumptions from people around you can take a toil on someones creativity. As a writer you need most precious and safe places to create words ;no distractions and no writer should ever go through that.

3  Working at  fast pace,  including lack of money . As a writer, the first rule of thumb  is to know your  strength. For one  to function effectively, he or she cannot  write, produce, print, copy, laminate,  import, export, email , and  do the marketing  by  him or herself. What is division of labor? When does it come in ? Mastering too many skills that not  really related to creativity can kill  the joy of writing.


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Now for avid  readers. If you want to know: Who,what, when,where,why   Then this story is for you .

One of the questions I have been often asked is ” how do you know when you are happy” I know when I am happy because I have a built in happiness in my heart. My happiness comes  from  learning,reading, empowerment and creating one’s own Identity. Growing up, one of the things that helped me to deal with the death I experienced in my childhood was poetry. “Poetry saved me.  It creates joy for me .I am passionate about it; I can write poetry with profound messages on it, Regardless of what I try to do in life,writing comes so easy, very easy for me.

 Although, English is my second language,  what delayed me from writing at the beginning was clogging( that means my words are jammed together) . But after I dealt with that problem, I know that the sky is my limit.I can do more. I love to write, but  I hate it sometimes because people feel like I am teaching them. ( which makes me sad) This is not a good feeling sometimes. Now I am trying to be a poet, and a communicator; and not a teacher because I cannot teach. I need your  help ?

   Checking My own  creativity.

 Recently I have become depressed more than anything

1 I love technology but quite frankly, I would rather make money and pay  someone else to do it. I hate to go to bed worrying about how to do things that are becoming impossible. I have tried to work on all the things but it is drowning my creativity. I am up all night figuring things that I could not do. But I am persistently doing it. It will pay off

2 Assumptions

Recently too I have  become very reactive to everything around me.Very reactive instead of focusing. I have watched people assume everything, but they had no clue.  Maybe it is all in my head. But quite honestly, diversion is not good for creativity; it makes one feel sad and unable to function. If you do not bother to ask someone  how they are doing why  assume things you had no clue about. Since not everyone will know what you are doing. Secondly you cannot have the opportunity to explain yourself , so why bother. Always focus your mind on what you want to achieve .

Usually great  readers read for understanding, listen to the authors pain , what happened, when,  where, why . In  addition they  retell what they read . There  is no way the title of any  anybody’s post will give one all the information they need to analyze and assume. It frustrates me  that over and over we  look at the title of someones post  and make up the rest; the way we want it, any how it fits the interpretation. If your are a writer  listening  to this can kill someone`s  creativity.

3 Pace. Not everyone can move at a faster pace. Do it at your own pace but do not sleep on it . I have four children and sometimes it is hard during summer to get everything done, but because of my great energy I have tried, especially I have become involved in my community to change my lifestyle and become active . Thank you Alexis Grants for  all you do .

Finally, this is my last plea.  I would have loved to operate from this blog because it is easy for  me ( yes I am not good at technology) my African brothers and sisters from Nigeria, my readers all over the world that statistics have shown me. My older adult friends that are college professors (Yes I am not bragging), my new friends that are not your typical internet users, and all the first time internet users, But unfortunately, I cannot set up my donation here at this blog, and I cannot do any advertisement here. I have struggled to hire editor, technicians and others, for that reason. I would like to build my other blog I have already set up the donation box over there for anyone willing to help me. I have my publishing company and  I will also be adding their logo  on my blog. And My market America  shop  that anyone can shop through us. I do not have to tell all of these to people  but there is great need to get it out. As soon as I raise enough money, we might join forces here since my daughter can be publishing her own book very soon  .

My frustrations began  when I wanted to use all the emails I got here, and they told me that those are opt in emails and for email marketing. I need a subscriber list which I have  just set up. Subscribes means that all  my blogs can come to your email of your choice. People  will receive newsletter automatically. Now please I am so sorry for confusing everyone because I thought I could still work it out, but it is harder now and I have realized. I cannot run two blogs because  it is  killing  my creativity. I do not want to be worrying about  technology,what  people are assuming , and the pace I have to go

Thanks for listening, Drop me a question, And the  topics you want me to be talking about, mind you my posting on will start on 7/ 19/2013. I would like to resume  my work especially writing my poetry which I know I am good at.  I also have children series that will also take place before school starts in August. Please sign up there so that you will not be left out. For those of you that I am still following, do not be worried because I still have my blog and I can get it on my email. I would like to hire a translator for other people who cannot read English very well. I will try my best to accommodate every one of you. I will hire a manager who will help me to expand my audience. I am grateful for all the bloggers here. I have enjoyed reading from you .

Please you can make your donation at my pay pal account. Via NOAEFAME com I promise to write more and not worry about too much going on around me right now.

There is a need for me to show this now so that I will not lose track that I have people who depend on me to deliver. That is why I do not get so much comments, But I understand every language and will not be disappointing all of you. Diane you are always loved by me. You  gave me hope.

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