Tentative Schedule :My Next Three Blogs

  My fellow readers.

Dear readers,blogging is a very big responsibility that I have found out. What one says resonates with people if one is passionate about what she or he believes in.. I have tried to stay true to the things I believe in. I care deeply about children not only for their well beings, but how their minds develops. Even when I was referring to other countries, still my messages was always  about the children and how we can help them achieve their greatest heights without cutting their lives short, and misleading them to think that life is a bed of roses which are not.

 I have never diverted my point. I am all for empowerment, creating one’s own identity, and dealing with reality. It is hard when your readers thought that you have diverted your attention to politics. I know a lot about politics but do not engage in it. But I involve myself in politics if it is going to help children and their education. I also  involve in politics, if  Islamic extremist are killing innocent children for no reason other than creating attention for themselves.

I have no other intention of going into politics other than all the things I just stipulated. One thing I am passionate about in life is that reality is real. I cannot close my eyes and pretend that all my bills will be paid by the time I woke up from bed that is not reality. Or I will close my eyes and pretend that if my child can just get bye today.That her life will change at 18years old ;no if you did not give a child an avenue to succeed she will continue to struggle especially in languages and writing.  Not only that I have  observe  all those issues, but  have also dealt with real life issues my self.I have worked closely with children( in schools as a volunteer) . I have come across  many children both in my church and at home  for most part .  I want people to help me talk about happiness, joy, comfort, and reality. Like I have said before,

I believe that nobody is spared the pain when it comes to children; they were often born into these strange circumstances. I use to think that a child has a  power to change his or her own destiny  in a second if they chose to . But I have my own children now, and I have realized that if they are not guided properly, nurtured, the right way. The society will continue to bear the burden. Based on that alone I cannot lose in this war.

My next three blogs is going to give you an idea of what I will be doing

Tentative schedule

1 The Blog 7/12/13 this blog will explain to you about all my frustrations in the past 2months. I will tell you how I wanted something so bad ( money in particular) , unfortunately .And how I dealt with the problems.

2 The blog on 7/ 15/13 will give you an Idea of what I have decided to do. My mini bucket list if you will like and how all of you can be part of it.

3 The last blog 7/ 18/13 : I will now announce my publisher. Why I made that decision, and what I planned to achieve.  It will also give you an idea of my relationship with them especially one of the publishers  “Veronique”, A true hero in all of these,  and how I came up with the whole idea.

Please understand that my job has not finished. I plan to make this book a success story. My poetry if it has all the right messages as I have planned , will go to schools and libraries for charity.

I hope everyone will help me get there. Please I want everyone  to know that I am more serious now  than I was 4months ago. I never thought it will happen, but here we go. I want to know how you can help a young writer achieve her dream. Thank you all


I welcome any comments

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