When Summer Changes Everything


Summer is a time when most people relocate or move to different parts of the world. It can get hot if it wants to; it can climb to hundred and something degrees depending on where you live.

Today again reminded me how fragile our lives are. This might give unnecessary attention to this great state, but in memory of the Prescott, Arizona firefighters that died last week, the sad part of this story is that when one body hurts, it affects all other parts of the body. Watching on the news, you can feel the love through tragedy. You can feel the pain, yet the people came together, in love and kindness. We will miss them especially for what they stood for, did, and also remembering their families at this time brings sorrow and sadness.

In honoring the 19 firefighters who lost their lives.on this day, 7/9 /13, the Vice President came down here to our State to remind us that even though they might be far away, but in times of sorrow like this, those firefighters’ hard work was not forgotten.

While this was going, some people who really knew them but never told them how wonderful they have been to the community in particular will be shaking their heads probably wishing they had the last chance to even thank them. Well you can ask me how horrible that feels. In a nutshell,  that is how vulnerable the world is. It is so fragile, and we should keep that in mind. Always remember to give out your best compliment at your earliest convenience.

Finally, it is easy to blame summer, living in the desert, and hot weather for most of these problems; well it is for the most part. There is so much that goes on in this State during summer. I did not realize that until I relocated here. Things move so fast here including  fire . Before the end of June, people are starting to buy back to school stuff; swimming is almost all year round, probably to cool off again and again.

Summer is also the hardest time of the year especially if you have four children with no money. Everyday you wake up to see the children with their written plans for the day. As a parent you totally understand that half of the things on their schedule might not be done, but it will not stop them from writing another one for tomorrow. That is called persistence, hoping for the best all day, even in unforeseen circumstances. I commend them and tell them I am proud of them for having their own plans everyday.

Recently a lot of people have moved either because they are going to a new city or have moved outside the country. Sad for me, we live in a State where people are accustomed to leaving. Why? Because it is Arizona. It gets to 130 degrees, and I am not exaggerating. People are more likely to move to West Virginia and then  come back as soon as the heat is over, yet movement is another common thing here, people moving in and out. Then if you live in a temporary place like I do with my family. the movement sometimes brings sorrow to your heart even when nobody told you where they were going to begin with( even if you knew them for years) . How everything has changed. I have lost two people that I never knew that  their moving would have any atom of  impact in my life, yet being the emotional being that I am, I could not help it. Yes we make the same mistake over and over. What will it take us to say, “I love you neighbor.”

My children’s  friends moved to North Carolina two days ago. They planned to settle there before school starts in August. Usually I will cry before asking them for their opinions. But this time they came and told me that their friends were moving. I wasn’t sure why they did not cry or say something. They just let it go just like that. It then dawned on me that they are not feeling as bad as I have always felt about the people, movement, and summer.

I cry not only because some people do not care, but I cry because some people in the world make it so hard to show love, affection. But if you do not care about your neighbor or even care to let one person around you know where you are  going, ( it is not a must) it becomes vain, pain, and I do not give a damn.

Now I am worried that my children may not feel the same pain that I normally have when people move (probably because I am a foreigner). I do not think it is necessary to teach them that now….. why, probably that is the time. culture, and reality we live in.

But for me and others with emotions, summer changes everything, whether you are taught or not how to have empathy.  I do not know about you, but it is hard to see everyone go. It makes life unbearable. I wish everyone moving will have an opportunity to say bye to people they are leaving behind just to keep the world moving. I wish nothing as bad as what had happened to our brave men in uniforms had not  happened. But often times reality sinks in, takes our minds to where it should not be, create pains and void that nobody wants or even asks for.

But please find a good thing about people around you. Show you care. Meet them at their lowest end. Comfort them if it is necessary. Do not just walk out thinking your movement will not affect them. Yes it will. Do show a little emotion to those around you. Life is so unpredictable.  But in the end I will always remember my neighbor’s  words to his friends, “You will miss me when I am gone.”


7 thoughts on “When Summer Changes Everything

  1. I would suppose a lot of people move in the summer if they have kids so that it will be in time for the new school year. Each time we move it is sad to lose friends and neighbours but then we meet new ones so it helps…

    It is so sad about the 19 firefighters that lost their lives… and their families. What a tragedy.. I pray that their families will find healing an peace … Diane

  2. Feel sad when people die trying to save others. Not surprised you feel that way when pple leave cos it is a reflection of ur early life, African life, robust and full of convivialities, a communal life where everyone is his/her brother’s keeper. That is what makes us dft, we appreciate the joys of good neighbourliness,and capture same in our proverbs. We talk about a tree not making a forest and the need to appreciate good gestures. Thes are solid virtues that cultural and environmental sensibilities alone can transfer to children. A child can only learn what he has seen, read or heard, however seeing these in practice is the most active way of imbibing same. We ask God to imprint in us the feeling of love for each other cos that is the only way life and humanity can go on.

    1. I write because I care so much. if I do not care. I will not be talking about it. I hope to raise money here to make this blog available to all people so that they can feel and learn how to love regardless of where you came from, who you are,

  3. I love the attitude of the children. They know what they want and persistently go for it. Life is really sustained by hope, hope that there would be morrow, one would wake up from sleep, would meet up with heart desires, live up to plans, hope! hope! hope! In fact without hope, one is gone six feet before his time.

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