For Every Individual Riding The Bus Alone


Yes you are an individual. You believe everyone should have open minds. Think like you, walk like you, be kind,  treat everyone the same, walk a distance, make honest mistakes, condemn injustice and live a  free minded lifestyle  and the list continued, but unfortunately the world is so broad for you an individual to succeed. You must belong to a group.

As an individual, you help people to grow their own business, you help people where they are struggling, you volunteer where there is a need to. You ask to help them even when they never asked for help from you. But when something happens to you the individual, you became alone, lonely and no body to help.

Individual Take On Religion

As an individual, you totally believe in God, you believe in helping mankind, you go to church, work so hard in the works of God that needs to be done, you lead your children to church. But as an individual you are alone because you have other interests that church people may not like. As a christian you are not supposed to love God and Poetry.

 You are not supposed to love politics, get involved on it or shout it out. There are words like pain, agony and everything  that a real christian will not speak about because  a real christian believes that God has taken away our sins. So an individual, even when you claimed to be holy and a christian, unfortunately your Christian brothers and sisters may not actually see you the way you see yourself thereby making you an individual.

Individual Take On Race

As an individual, you are born with your own mind. You want the best for everyone. You may be color blind because you do not speak the language of the black people neither your re speaking for the white people. As an individual, you are not really accepted fully by each group. Except people who think like you and work like you.But as an individual, always make people see the best of your heart. Unfortunately the world does not work like that and sooner or later, you may burn out .  But always  keep your hopes alive. Speak love and not hate. Speak words that are worth saying. Do not ever pay evil for evil. Work and continue to help humankind.

Individual Take On Work

I pray that as an individual, you need other people to make it. Yes, but keep your mind open no matter the obstacles. Keep on speaking of love in a world that has no tolerance for individuals. Continue to work on saving the world even if it becomes a mockery for those who many not understand why. I know it must be hard to be an individual, but with your open heart, knowing that you are nether black or white, neither purple nor green but you are an individual that loves the world and the people in it.

 But be happy, because the church, the race, individual accountability, and individual race will dominate us all at the end. There will be no “Group think “seriously.


4 thoughts on “For Every Individual Riding The Bus Alone

  1. Upon reading your post, I remembered the story about the broom stick! If a single stick of a broom will swept or clean the dirt on the street, he cannot do it alone because one stick is too weak, but if sticks are put together and tied, they are much stonger and has this force to swept or clean the dirt. (I hope you get my point_sorry for english) hehehe. Thanks Noafame for reminding us.

    1. You are right. Normally we are not suppose to do it alone. That is why different people have different talents. But sometimes we find our selves doing it alone sometimes not by choice, But regardless we still have to be happy and show love in all that we do, Yes but we need other parts to be successful. Thank you so much. i appreciate it and I am happy for your new leap in faith. God will give you strength.

  2. Yeah, have you bordered to ask why no two pple have same finger prints, even identical twins. It all points to the fact that ours is a Great God who made all men special in a special way and can identify the strands of hair of each and every one of us. You know what, it is our individuality that makes us special and we should not loose it for any reason whatsoever. That explains why Mr A or B must be invited in an issue and problems will be solved immediately. God’s kingdom is decorated with abundance of everything and your individuality forms part of it. So my sis announce to whoever cares to listen that THE EASIEST WAY TO LIVE IS TO BE ONESELF AND NO OTHER.

    1. Is up to us to know . I love whatever you stand for. i miss having you here, I will live through this knowing that people understand and care too, Our individuality is great. We cannot run away from that.

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