Why Now? 29 Boarding School Students

http: //worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/07/06/19318588-29-boarding-school-students-burned-alive-shot-dead-by-islamist-militants-in-nigeria?lite=militants in Nigeria

Like I said before, since I started blogging, I have never said anything about politics even though I know much about what goes on in politics. I have spend my life  looking at issues and how we can make this World a better place. I struggled with child slavery back in Africa that really pushed me to speak out about injustice done to people that cannot help themselves. I became a radical for preserving people`s  integrity.I also paid a price for the little action I took on my own, which I did not regret even as I write now.

Recently, I wrote a whole article on what I have seen so far by just becoming a member of Facebook. I have seen sculls, I have seen armed robbers killing people, and dead bodies  littering   all over the streets in Nigeria . I have  also seen  so  many Nigerian Facebook fans writing about their problems that is not getting anywhere. On 4th of July, I wrote about why education is not what it is use to be because the Muslims are killing innocent children and making it difficult for people to relocate to the places of their choice compare  to how it is done here in America.

As  people that we are, all the humanitarian people of the world. I do not think life should be based on issues that cannot help people. I could have ignored this  topic but on the other hand I was right because I lived there for my young adult years.

I am not trying to compare countries , but here in America,  children are protected, sheltered and taken care of. In Nigeria Islamist militants are always finding ways to kill Christians , children and anybody that comes their way.

The only thing I can do now is to create this awareness that the Radical Islam has brought pain to the children. Killing them for no reasons. I hope that  what I have gone through emotionally since I opened my Facebook on April 17th 2013 will remind me of the great work we still  need to do.

I am not here to talk about politics but I will do my best to encourage people to take a moment and weep for the killings of innocent children allover the world. Today again NBC News Reported that 29 boarding students were burned alive in Nigeria. And other people killed by militants too

We pray that God will receive their souls. I am not here to preach, but it is time the world let go of sensitive issues that are not helping us but are dividing us. Even here in the United States, the issue of race has taken center stage again. People are fired, maimed for saying something they are also sorry for. When do we forgive people and let them learn from their mistakes instead of making them lose their jobs. We put them at a  distance and make them beg us over and over again.

What is humanity anymore?  To me all it does is to bring more disunity among people. It also brings  hatred because people may not want to say something casually and be called racists. I lived in Georgia from  1997-2008. I left because as a human being , I do not want my children to grow up in a biased environment. I want freedom of mind for every child. Teach children the freedom that only truth can  bring.

We want every child  to be able to walk  around without fear of the unknown. I  will also want my children to visit Nigeria one day because that is what tourism provides us. It is time this young generation stands up and rejects issues that have no bearing in our lives.

How can we resist, all these issues that are not helping us but are dividing us? Help us by answering them in any  way you can .


2 thoughts on “Why Now? 29 Boarding School Students

  1. This is so inhumane and heart-wrenching… It is so hard to believe and yet it is true that anyone could perpetrate such horror on children or the teachers … Where can justice be found … I wonder!!! Diane

  2. This is what has taken place in that country for years. All the Good schools and federally funded was built in the Northern part of Nigeria. yet students cannot go to school over there and come back safely. It is sad, Islamic extremists have no moral values, They do not care about themselves how much more of others. Thank you Diane
    It is heart breaking. I hate to feel this bad,

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