Why We Are Celebrating With Our America

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I normally do not engage in politics, but the recent struggles of the Nigerian people have led me to speak.

Recently I became close to my Facebook fans all over the world. I love the fact that it is the closest that I have felt Nigeria in 16 years. It was almost home. I have seen people calling my name  and sometimes calling me out too which is cool?  Now seeing the stress on the people of Nigerians does not make my life easy. I have had sleepless nights recently just for the fact that I am not in any position to help their courses. They are still going through some  struggles that I cannot still understand. Sometimes for most of them who are really struggling with the language; they cannot afford to leave a comment in a blog. Even when they dare to leave comments, it will be spammed.Probably because of the quality, production or their  marginalized language. I know I escape it, but how about others. The United State is the best country in the world. Anybody who wants to know why it is the best place to live must first study the history of this country and then compare it with other places. This is the reason that history was my best course in college.

Just like wistawa  syzmborska said and I quote ” Get  to know other world even if it for only comparison” Based on that I would like to draw attention to the differences between these  two countries so that anyone will understand why Nigerian children,especially the poor people are still struggling with direction.

Why every body should  Celebrate  America ?

First, the leaders of this country are accountable to the people. There is nothing any elected, appointed or nominated person can do without knowing that he will have to give an account of it. The road is maintained very well. The person, who is given the responsibility to repair it, must do so according to the standard written down by the government. Also take a case of their policemen, they come to you with an open arms, wanting to embrace and listen. However in Nigeria, The government’s officials share the money that is supposed to be used in the road repairs. They will now use the money that was meant for road repairs and send their children to England, America, and other places to further their education, while the roads are left UN-repaired, making life miserable for the vulnerable. Unlike the American police coming with an open arms, Nigerian police are coming to get money from you “the victim”. Even when you give out that money the actual person who committed the crime may end up paying more money and the case will be closed at the scene. That is how corruption keeps building up. The corrupt government is not accountable to anybody but themselves.

Secondly, here the utilities are all working well. Since I came to this country, I have never stayed a day without lights, water or telephone. People here had the opportunity of working with time, technology, embracing production, and thereby  becoming  accountable to themselves and other people.  However in Nigeria, the country is without the necessities of life. In Nigeria, the utilities would not work for months, rendering the people useless, hopeless and wasting.  If the people are not accountable for themselves, how can they be accountable to somebody else? The government would not be concerned because they themselves are already covered, their children are no way around the country to feel the pain. The money for those projects will  still be  in the hands of selected few that has no sympathy for the masses.

Thirdly, here is where Nigerians whole problem started. The educational system here is working effectively. Students are given the opportunities to learn without interference. The teachers are accountable to the students. No matter the disagreements here, the teachers can never abandon the students to go on a strike, but in Nigeria, the government will owe teachers for months, and the teachers will go on strike; there by rendering all the millions of students wandering on the street. Not even learning. The students are the ones that are deprived  the opportunities to acquire enough knowledge that would carry them for the rest of their lives.

 Here is how their problem intertwined;   people are still struggling from not getting enough education especially in writing because most people do well in sciences but not actually languages. The rich people are the only people that can afford to attend any international schools of their choices . Now education become expensive ,and out of reach. Also In Nigeria today, Muslims are killing Christians making life unbearable for the children to move around freely . Most of the good schools in Nigeria are located in the North of that  country, but they dare not go there  because of the Muslims unrest in that Northern part of the  Nigeria where most things are located . But look at America, this is the only place that people will come and practice their religion, liberty, freedom and get charity too. In America, one can  relocate at anytime without the fear of the unknown which beclouds Nigerian Children

I speak too because this is the only place in the world where people like me and other good people from other places can comfortably come and become whatever they  want to be . Why because there is room for people to grow. In America, There are people willing to lead you to success without looking for their names to be on World Guinness book of records. In Nigeria, nobody can do anything without looking for something in return. The politicians have turned innocent girls looking for genuine help into prostitutes because nothing goes without anything over there. In America, there is humanity flowing everywhere. I have been given so much here just by mare asking which could not have been possible in Nigeria.

  I speak now because I have cried recently for the sufferings of the people. I have been sent  links of dead people lying all over the streets in Nigeria through Face Book. I want people to know that the struggles with the African nations in general ,and Nigerian in particular will not be solved unless there is a miracle. So please consider all the problems before you spam their words .That is the highest some of them can go. This is not about spamming , this article is about creating an awareness for the people.

 Long live the United States of America for giving us hope,  freedom and liberty. We will be celebrating you for who you are, what you do, that Other countries, even worst Nigerian government cannot do for his people.


4 thoughts on “Why We Are Celebrating With Our America

  1. Happy Independence Day! Thank you for the reminder and perspective. Being poor in America is still no comparison to what it is like being poor over there.

  2. It is heart breaking what is happening in Nigeria and other countries as well.. I don’t know what the answer is except the world has to care. While the US or Canada or other free nations cannot interfere in every country but somehow we need to do something…Therein lies the problem what and how to do this… It is so sad and disturbing. Diane

    1. Thank you Diane, for so long I ran away from Facebook. Now I have recently found home there . but I see skull, after skull every-time someone sent me a link. I do not know what to do than ask God to show them way,
      thank you and happy 4th of July

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