The most beautiful word ever created,

No dictionary needed for your information.

I do not think any of us know how it played out.

It runs around everywhere, whether you believe it or not.

Tell me about the stubborn weeds in our yards, even turbulent seas are what it is.

Tornadoes even get unnecessarily stubborn, tears down everything created for our happiness.

Turbulent seas do not even spare our lives, when they are trying out their own piece of stubbornness.

If there has not been stubborn at one point, you must be kidding me.

Stubborn can be silent, mute, motionless, radical, loud, quick; anyhow, we can envision it.

It is right to blame wild animals for their stubbornness.

Even I, a human, is not an exemption.

Children will hear that 20 times before they turn 4 years old.

From eight , it becomes a routine.

1 out of every 7 adults has basic stubbornness uprooted from nowhere.

Who is exempt from this?

Stubborn running around in our courtyard, brick houses, compartments,

Next time you see someone standing still, not moving,

Remember, that could even be stubborn too.


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