“Excuse Naïve Feminist?”

 I have been good at promoting women’s causes for such a long time now because that is what feminists do.  Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. (Webster’s Dictionary)

A feminist promotes equal pay for equal rights (which I have become part of recently). They want women to have money for their own protection. They know what women can do with their potential when they are educated and rich too. In addition to that, the world knows that women can go to any length to achieve success. Women are more likely to share information patterning how to raise good children.

Not to take anything away from the men. I am not a man and do not know how their minds work, but I know that good men take care of their families, and good women run their families. Yes, you are “a naïve feminist.” Back in the 60s when we had “real women, waiting to explode,” now everything has been diluted. You cannot speak up anymore or you are fired. But then, a real feminist may or may not even mention a man’s name, let alone give them credit.

As much as I would love to be a real feminist, I may not have the same strength such as Virginia Wolf, Kate Chopin, Sylvia Plath or Naomi Wolf, not even after reading “How Imagines of Beauty are Used Against Women,” which I love by the way.

Yet I do not think that I have the same guts or courage to parade myself as a feminist. I can also agree that the issue we had in the 60s that brought out a lot of feminist is no longer an issue anymore. Things are simple now, and life is better for women in any way you look at it, and a recent study shows that women develop quicker than men.

Some men I know are also embracing their newfound job (stay-at-home dads). But regardless of whose side you are on, I may not be your typical or even have the conviction of a real feminist, but there are some things I care about deeply in life, and fortunately, it settles down on choices for women.

While a real feminist will stand her ground and enact laws that will banish men, make them pay child support, even if they are  homeless themselves, organize a task force that will make them disappear if they commit any ounce of crime against women. A naïve feminist like me will not make anyone disappear but can make a great argument on these kind of issues. For example, questions are limited but cannot be avoided. Are women better at raising kids? Are they better at organizing homes? Are they more likely to spend their money on the things our children care about? Are they more likely to share ideas and achieve results with other fellow women? Are they more likely to abandon themselves to take care of the kids first? Of course that is what good mothers do. They are most likely to love their children more than themselves. Are they more likely to be depressed if things go wrong with their children? The answer is, “Yes,” for every one of those questions. We have women groups here which plan everyday to find ideas, ways, and plans to help their children. Why because it is a natural thing for mothers to do.

Women with the help of their men do a wonderful job in nurturing the children (which a real feminista will unlikely agree). They are the caretakers. They are the ones most of the times who are awarded child custody if divorce unfortunately happens. So based on the important works that women do, I always ask myself, “Are YOU a feminist?” and the answer will be, “Yes, I am a feminist“ minus the political aspects of it which now crowns me as the “Naïve Feminist.”

A feminist without politics does not make sense. I still remember our history and the 16th century feminists, their fight, their struggles. During the time, women were still fighting for recognition.  Now the story has changed a bit. Men have sacrificed, too. Many men are even stay home dads (which was unheard of in the 16th century) with the same diaper bag that was initially meant for women only. So who is actually a feminist now?  What are we fighting for? If you asked me, I won’t know either. How can you fight for women if you stay out of politics?  In my eyes women are strong, kind and very intelligent.

Three things I find fascinating about women especially since I am one of them:

1 When a woman has access to money, those women do a good job in putting their children in good programs such as dance, sports, tennis, and good schools, unlike the same women in similar cases that do not have access to their husband’s accounts and do not have their own money. They have limitations in helping their children. As a result of that, their children suffer setbacks and lack. The problem with children’s poverty starts at an early stage.

2 Because women are created differently, we ask more questions than men, unless you have a different type of husband than I do. Mine does not talk to anybody and finds it annoying when I am socializing too. Then how do you think he will all of a sudden become a chatter box in a dance arena? Therefore, certain things are better left for women than men.

3 Women are more likely to volunteer at their children’s school no matter how busy they are. 90% of the school volunteers are women. They are more likely to stay at home for the sake of their children. Most schools now, especially the middle, elementary, and preschools depend on mothers to volunteer. They help schools now to raise funds, organize teachers’ lunches, build school rooms, and are home parents.

As a mother myself, I wholly believe in my mind that early nurturing helps our children a lot. I really do not care so much about what feminists still do, but my question still remains, “How can we mobilize other women to get down for a good result?” I care that women are the reasons for raising all the wonderful people of the world. I was raised by my dad and wished on a communication  level a woman could have helped me more. Even though I love how I turned out, I will still leave it for women to do.  I love men a lot because of my dad`s attitude and how he saw things. I will never look down on men. I will never disrupt their choices, but honestly, men are different; this is not about men. It is the fact that raising children demands our mothers. Think about how hard it is when you as a female want to compete as a man.

Just because I still see good things about men too,yes  I miss having a boy . I care about how to raise good men that will treat women right. Half of the population in my Facebook, Twitter, and for God’s sake is men.  My favorite teacher is a man. I am married to a real man. I have good rapport with them.

However, I would rather parade myself as a Naive feminist just to get things done. What type of feminist are you?


2 thoughts on ““Excuse Naïve Feminist?”

  1. Of course I believe that women should have equal rights in the work place and generally in their lives… I believe for the most part in our western civilization much has improved in this regard in recent years. But you’re right that men and women are different in many ways..that’s the way they were created… And so women do get more involved with their children’s lives at schools and in the raising of them. Not to take away the single father who tries his best to do right by his kids.. because many of them do… I’m sure there are areas still that could be better with equality…but it definitely is better than what it used to be.. Diane

    1. If people will read this blog. they will see how I always adore our men and the sacrifices they make. Thank you for taking your time to read this. i love you Diane.

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