The Many Faces Of Tears

Be resilient if you need to

Your new flora and fauna has no pity.

Presents and perfect are not what it recycled to be.

The negation is alarming, crispy, and callous.

Tears are not only for fall-outs, as ruled

Tears to wash away our wariness,

The tears when there is belief.

Tears when we are over the moon.

Tears when our hopes are weakening down.

Tears  when all hope was vanished

What do you do at this wadding?

Can you lose hope because it is gone?

What will the infants do?

Cry if  it can exonerate you,

Cry If  it`s worth crying for.

Cry if there is no effort from you, me

Cry, yes!  for we have a mission, not yet muffled

a world out there needs our message.

Cry even when there are no other options left.

This petrifying world is not balanced like we believed.

Please cry for the children are for gen,

Whether agreeably or by secrecy,

the new realm need distinguished, value-added,

organized and no jesters for all.



5 thoughts on “The Many Faces Of Tears

  1. Please check NOAEFAME of 06/19/13 and be mindful small mispellings likf “border” for “bother.” You are getting known, mind you.  Thanks.


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