7 Life Guiding Principles

Some lessons in life are so indispensable while others can be outgrown in the same manner. It is an understatement to say that we are not worried about how we turn out in life, but often I worry that a lot of kids will grow up not having these types of inspirational words with them. Even in ones growing concerns ” remember”.

“In nothing be you anxious.” At a very young age, I did not realize that this was actually a quote from the Bible simply because my uncle made it his own. This was very significant at that time because he had it written all over his car. And every time something went wrong, he would point towards his car to remind us all that you cannot be anxious in anything. But later on as I began my own journey, my own path to happiness, I did not only use it as it was passed down to us, but then when put into practice, good things would begin to happen. And  if one was  to meditate, it would help and expand one’s inner happiness. I also found out that with my Type A personality, I cannot control too many things at the same time. And whenever I become anxious, I get nothing but a headache.

1 If you are always  anxious in life, you can never get anything done. Practicing this every time was one of the best things that I have ever utilized in life. It can  keep children grounded, if you put this attitude in a child, Nothing will move them along the way. And they will  achieve everything in their lives. They can use it in the classroom, when they upset about what they want, or even try to achieve something huge. Recently I have become anxious to learn the entire technology thing, and all I have gotten myself is more stress.

2  Clear conscience fears no accusation. A clear conscience is one of those things that make it easy for one to go to bed and sleep while the accusers will be scratching their head as to why. Remember that uncontrollable nerves can only kick in when one is guilty; although some people can still stay calm even when they have committed a crime. A clear conscience works at all times especially when someone accuses you of something you did not do. Take for example, in raising children, as mothers, our topmost priority is to help the children. If probably something went wrong and you know in your heart all the things you did to save them, you will be less worried than when you did nothing to help them. It is pure judgment between you and yourself  which will eventually exonerate you from all guilt.

In motherhood, half of the time we dwell on regrets and what we could have done differently in saving our children. But if you have done all your possible best with children, and it is hard, the only thing that will exonerate you will be your conscience. Be happy always even when you are accused of manipulating things around you. Those people do not know your heart, but only you. Even if somebody accused you of manipulation or say you intentionally wanted to harm someone; as far as your conscience was clear, you will never worry about it. Just laugh the last laugh.

3 Be nice to those you meet on your way up because you might meet them on your way down.This is often the most hardest one. How many times have we  seen some  people and think, “Ah, we might not see them again.”  This is where most people come short, or you thinking, “After all, I may not get any recognition even if did something extraordinarily.” I have sometimes fallen short on this too. It is hard not to forget you might meet them sometimes. The world is such a small place and that is more reason we have to stay the course. I have always come out thinking, “What am I thinking?” especially when I meet someone that I will never probably see again. I will say all the things in my mind, but If I happen to see them again “Oh well”. But  try and be kind to the people you meet on your way up because you might meet them on your way back.

4 In every situation never you misspoke because it will come back and hurt you. Anger is one of the things that I try to avoid at all cost. I hardly get angry. I speak about little-minded people a lot. Why? Because those are the people that have nothing to do than to pick on anyone they find very interesting. They are the refined bullies of the world. They can say things to get anyone angry. The Internet is a good example, simply because you hardly see people face to face. But it is also very important to control how you react to peoples’ antics. You may leave to regret it.

5 “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” This is also from the Bible. That means Love, not hate. I have often run into trouble with this. I often went out of my way to show love to somebody who does not even care that I live next to him or her. I know a lot of people might have experienced this. This is not personal; some people are hard to please. But also realize that oftentimes, people cannot accept you for who you are, even when you meet all the requirements that a good neighbor should be. But that does not mean that you should be discouraged. I have a lot to say about this, but then I think this can be a shocker if I start to analyze why it is so.

6 Preserve your energy for the real issue and do not succumb To Little Minds. It is so true; anyone can make you say things you never intended to say. I took  a flack so much in Africa when  I was growing up simply because I only spoke the English language as simple as the language was then and still is now. People did not get it, but I really enjoyed it. My transition was very simple too. Start working with like-minded people. but  in life it will take an effort to build great relationships with other people around you. Give it a try; it will be worth it. Try and understand people from where they are coming from even when it is hard. If it is possible speak to them directly to know why they are angry, you might be surprised at what you will find out.

7 Fight The Good Fight With all your strength.

Fighting a good fight is when you are working hard to better yourself and the people around you.You fight for what is right, not physically, but with what you believe, your word of mouth and your actions.

Every child should have guiding principles; they may sound outdated, but structured  energy will be needed to face the world. You cannot win a fight with an empty hand. You need all the Armour and guild which can come in the form of words too. Love yourself, and find someone else to love. If you don`t love your self, there is no way you can give love to somebody else.


8 thoughts on “7 Life Guiding Principles

    1. Yes I do, it has helped me immensely, I never worry about what somebody might think about all my intentions. because my conscience is always exonerating all that. I still remember my great uncle for inspiring that into all of us. Everything I listed on those seven guiding principles may look outdated. But it helps

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    1. It is so Oh good to hear from people that know you. I have spent my life fighting for knowledge. i love how it makes someone feel. i will fight so that the children will be free

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