Daily Prompt: Tagline A Cry Out To Technology

 Real Deficit: A cry out to technology          

I grew up with language, vocabulary, because I knew that I will one day end up in an  English language where grammar and languages rule.

But here I am in the land of computer never thought ever!

I gave up journalism because of you (No regret though)

I have only known you for barely 14 years and you have been around for years. The problem, you never give me time to master anything.

All these new technologies have stretched me to the point that I want to cry.

My head spinning when I had to do another work on you

I often cry out to you to let my finished my term paper you stole but you never cared

To everyone on my  Face Book please   forgive me, not that I do not care, but I do not know how to juggle everything in life but to write

The same applied to all my twitter fans. I love all of you but the work I hard to do in my computer has taken over.

Even As I am writing, I do not know what pint rest stands for

My LinkedIn is okay because people are already doing the job and all I have to do is write.

They sent me a letter that I have been stumbled up what?

I am sure this generation will be smiling back at me; after all I have tortured them for their inheritance

My Google account is overflowing

My G mail is dropping on the floor

I never felt like quitting in my life like I have recently

Everything about technology makes my head spin

I apologize if I did not remember to reply your email

Most times I totally forgot my password

As the days pass on forgive, and forget because I should have known in the beginning that we are in the land of computer.

 I will try and fix this problem like I have done in the past.

Please everyone forgive my real deficit.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tagline A Cry Out To Technology

    1. Diane, I miss you so much. Guess who will be laughing at me right now. The computer generation age. I am so overwhelmed too. I am trying to learn and catch up. I want to quit.
      I hope you are feeling well. I really miss you like a child will misses her mother.

      1. Oh I wish I was feeling better. Unfortunately it seems it will take some time.I am just so tired all the time and have pneumonia back… I long to feel stronger again..I know I will…. Diane

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