When You Can Be A Helping Hand To Someone Broken

The hardest thing to deal in life is to be around someone who will go to any length to discredit you so he or she can still be relevant. It is part of what goes on in our lives. But regardless of what happens, the importance of staying the course is so obvious and acceptable. Since we cannot pay evil for evil what do we do in this type of situation.

Remember you can always be the bigger person in everything you do.

1 Instead of assuming they are about to die or even acknowledge it, why not give them help? Suggest something that will bring them back to life. Give them good help before they die.

2 Instead of assuming that they are really sad, why not share some hope with them?

3 Instead of watching someone make a mistake so that you can go ahead and blog about it, then show how apples and bread are something different.  The same thing that some other  people  had done in the past, why not give them suggestions and see if they will take them.

4 Instead of being happy that nobody cares or even likes them, why not encourage them instead of adding more to their problems by your uncultivated actions.

5 Instead of taking joy in someone else’s pain, why not stop and think?

 We can all play a role of a leader in our lives, even when it is too hard for us. A lot of people are looking for direction in life.  They had no clue what to do. But you will be blessed more if you are a peace maker. Someone with a good heart. Someone with direction. Do not Bully other people because of your position. Let’s keep the hopes alive.


4 thoughts on “When You Can Be A Helping Hand To Someone Broken

      1. I miss you. you belong to those 90% of women that read my blog. i will never disappoint you. I hope school starts again for new poetry moments for you, and others. Thank you so much.

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