You are still floating; you were created even before we were born

When our parents even doubted the pregnancy, was it real?

The question with doubt had continued.

Never ending, never stopping,

It was from you that unconscious mind were created

Hopelessness and fear filled our souls, and heart with ghastly thoughts

I marvel why it is so overriding

I dread this will run incessantly

Where is the hope, where lies thy strength

Why are you so consuming

You make the edges look dark, you turn great concepts into mockery, and you bring alarm when it is not necessary

You build wall against emancipation,

You made it meaningless to even try

Why are you so consuming. Does it worth it?

You even doubt the air you breathe

Make the weak go home looking for oxygen that will never come

Make children to think that no one loved them

Even at later years, it doubles the agony that no one think they matter

Why are you so overshadowing?

Doubt the skin that has been permanently sowed. The voice, the strength the children has been given

So many times you have doubted the existence of nature

Fears of the unknown fear of consumption, Is there any way to stop you anyway.

How can we let you into the thing air, vanish before our eyes.

At last let the children be strong and make it realize

That there is no room for you over here and over there, even  in mister doubt master house.


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