An Update:

Change is good and bad at same time. I  have spent a week now trying to move to my new blog, but it is flattering hard. What made it to look easy now is that I still have my old blog. Therefore, both the old and the new blogs are intertwined, yet they are two different blogs. I have written so much about this experience. It is so surreal I can tell you that right now.

Now I will need some help, and suggestions to keep the blog running. I will start posting on my new blog as soon as I have alerted some people. There is lots of confusion going on now.  My old blog has  now been  directed to I found out today that every one of my outside readers who typed Noaefame.word-press was directed to including myself. I was directed to my new blog ( even when I posted it on my old blog Nakanno1.word

Change is scary for people like me.  Anyone who has moved a blog at some point will relate to this. I am happy to accept the challenges that will come with it. I have never had too much crash- course like I have had in  one week. I know it will be okay. It is a humbling experience. The good news is that if worse comes to worst, I still have my old blog to rely on. I appreciate all of you that brought that to my attention. I am working so hard to keep everything working.I will like any suggestions that can help me during this transition. I am like my Dad, honest, opinionated, and kind “How about that”.  

Please I will keep updating my blog until everything finalizes. Like I said, I am still here. I want to make sure that I am still somehow connected or be able to see all the people I am following too and those that are following me .  In two weeks , I will be doing different things that I may have never done before,  like writing articles. I love you all.I am trying so hard to communicate, but I cannot do it alone. I hope to also learn quickly on sending out tips to all the people that will benefit from them. I have been given so much and I am ready to give back.

Thank you all for understanding.                                                                                                                                              


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