How To Build A Better Communication: 5 Lesson Learned That Made A Difference

Anything GOOD happen to you this week? Do tell! Do tell!  Alexis Grant

Why do I care? I care that I practice what I preach.For example, I talk so much about  love, respect, kindness, happiness, and creating one`s own identity. To me, this is a beginning of something new. Learning is a vital  part of my life. I love challenges in life whether it was in Africa or here in the States, but I have always gone back and re-learned how to do things. I failed organic chemistry once  or twice I cannot  remember, yet it did not stop me from passing the class. I even took pre-calculus when I had no clue how to solve algebra. In addition to that, I lost my mother at 6 years old, yet I have survived it. I can tell my story in a profound manner so people can understand what makes me tick.

I have never been ashamed to admit my mistakes if there were any. So I said, “Yes.” Yes I was so happy that I attended a seminar organized by a large marketing franchise here in Phoenix, Arizona. I went there to learn, to listen, and to consult with the people I have dreaded all my life, “The Marketers,” and to create one more lasting impression on myself. Congratulations you are coming along too well. My Father would have been so proud of me. As soon as I walked in the room full of people, I was there thinking, “Here come the introverts.” The genius one referring to me, she is here to assess their intelligence levels, find what was wrong, and go back and dismiss it as another gimmick.

But no, I was actually impressed because not only did I learn, but I know now why marketers do a very good job in selling any product. As I sat down there all I heard was actions, plan, and meeting people at their levels. “Why are you a marketer,” and all the interesting stuff that kept me wanting for more.

There are not too many similarities between all of us, but I noticed that a marketer is very good at using big popular quotes from the actual writers. They are also happy to admit that you can Google everything on the planet, which sounds like my 12 year old Google analyst. Go Google her, him, them, you, me and everyone that is on, the only girl that can finish her research paper in a twinkle of an eye, the problem that I saw over and over with the way she did research made me run to their school for help. But the school still assured me that she will later learn the correct way of doing research. Thank God.

  But on a more serious note,I was also entertained because  they know how to keep the excitement going. They have a mission and they are not backing down. Their mission is to connect with people. Everything was built on people. They also use a lot of testimonial s from people who patronize them which I think most writers don`t, unless you are talking about a writer herself. I was there going, “Me too! I am really feeling the vibe.” It was different for me, but which world are you in? There is life within marketing.  Whoa, they are really humans with class. They are relate-able, and they are smart thinkers. I was screaming, “It is all in the head, you too can be one!” But in a minute, I am going to tell you what I learn that can help me in particular.

Whether you are here to save the children like me or the earth, heal the oppressed, worry about the neglected, help the homeless. Work with the rich, poor, ugly, big, small, boys and girls. There is a great need to hear from them. It was so different and educative especially if you are dealing with people. And more also , If you have not yet mastered the acts like me, and if you need help interacting with people, probably you need it. After this seminar, I felt like I have come a long way. My life will never be the same.

In life, everything has time: A time to recollect, a time of reflection, and a time to be really happy. What do you do if you want to stay married for years? You will learn to communicate with your husband right. In life, there is no need to make excuses.  All I care about is to listen.

This past weekend was very interesting for me. For once I want to keep to my promise of turning a new leaf, having a better way of communicating with people online. But trust me, I did not know how, not until one of my friends took me to a Market America seminar on June 1, 2013 on how to work with customers. I went in not expecting anything, but I wanted to hear other peoples’ opinions.

Five lessons that made a difference:

Lesson 1: On the act of Mastering People skills in conversation, there are ways to engage in deep conversation. There are other ways of learning what the people want. I do not know how this will fit into what we are doing here on writing. And it all depends on one`s style of writing too. But remember In real life, it is very easy to look at people in the face and get comfortable. But if you are an introvert just like me too, it is easy to live in your own world and pretend everything is perfect and do what you want. But behind those walls is another world bigger than we know it. Mastering people’s skill will be an interesting part of learning and writing online. I will put in my best effort.

Lesson 2: Listen more than you talk. We all  know how this are played out  in real life.It is possible to do so, but how does this apply to writers? I want to know. I welcome any suggestion.

Lesson 3: It’s not always what you say; it is how you say it. I do beat myself up too much here because of the language problem, but I am working on it.

Lesson 4: Do not try it on your own; you will fail; this is the most important part. I never try to do anything alone, and I hope you do not. I do ask questions a lot; I have always followed advice. I get tips from people all the time. I can share some of my tips if I can get an idea of what people want.

Lesson 5: Be a friend-making Machine. Even in real life, it scares me to get close to people like that. Trust is one of the biggest problems I have. I wish I know how this works. I want every idea that can help me.

After the conference, I went there and gave the lady a big hug. We  took some pictures with her, and she was so good, not even like a sales manager that I thought she was. After I asked her does she mind if I use her name to say what I learned, she politely told me that it does not make sense since it will come back to her blog. I appreciate her honesty. I was told to always show appreciation in my life, but you never know when people will assume you are all for” Fame and Money ” . Then forgotten that I have also spent 15years here trying to learn what made this country so unique.  I am living an American dream. I was happy to learn from her because that is what I do . What I want everyone to take away from here is to find help in areas you are struggling with .But the only way you will know is by giving it a try.

Life is about learning every day. It is not a joke. It is also about inspiring others. I have been influenced by the wonderful people God has given me. I have always worked hard in putting everything I have learned in practice every day. I do not sit down and expect problems to solve itself, and do not forget, there is no way you can become great at what you do if you do not ask for help.

Special thanks to:

Managers Diary for his wonderful inspiring  quotes( My influence of the month)

Alexis Grant for sharing information, giving me ideas, direction

Diane from Home Togo for all her help, and great leadership

Macy Johnson for being my mentor and coordinating this event I could not have done so much without you.


7 thoughts on “How To Build A Better Communication: 5 Lesson Learned That Made A Difference

  1. Great, quite an inspiring piece. The message is in line with the saying that he who asks question never misses his way.

    1. We were told to acknowledged those that helped us on our way up. I will continue to sing their praises. Thanks for all the efforts you make. your input is very helpful.

  2. Glad to see that we can be learning and growing together at each of our own paces! 😉

  3. I discovered your blog site on google and check a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the very good operate. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading more from you later on!…

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