If We Cannot Genuninely…

If we cannot genuinely articulate reality to the children of this generation, that means we have failed them somehow in my opinion.

What use does our literature, philosophy; mathematics, humanities, and bible do to our souls.

We have to be honest in our dealings with our children.

Let go of sensitivity. Let go of fear.

Be bold and expect the best from every one of them.

Teach them the right way of doing things.

Teach them the realities of life so that no child is left behind.

New june

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2 thoughts on “If We Cannot Genuninely…

  1. Loved that video! I should show that to my parents during orientation night! Sorry I have not had a chance to read your latest postings. The notifications that you posted are connected to my work email… and I do not check it everyday since I am on summer break. I check it about once a week now just in case. Powerful message, with a fantastic visual to go along with it to back words. Hope all is well! Take care. A. Burke

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