Update On How To Start A Project: A Certain Realization

My fellow bloggers, my online readers, and everyone that has contributed to the success of this blog, I started blogging on January 19th about four months ago. It was very scary the first time I hit the publish button. I was frightened; I had so many headaches during that week  probably because nobody knew who I was. Even as I am writing now, I am still clueless about what my future holds in the blogging world. I have made it a priority to work hard in communicating and to write as clearly as possible. I have also learned that my words may not often come out as wonderful as I would want it. Sometimes a blogger needs a good title to convey his or her messages well, but I do not think it has worked in my favor either, but that is part of learning. A good title does not come easy, and not everyone may experience it.

For the last three months, too, I have become a freelance writer, writing on every topic. But after three months of writing  with  good responses, I thought I should share with you how I came with this decision of publishing my first work. The decision came when I spoke with a publishing company. After two hours of conversation, I realize that I need to start putting my poems together, which I  will be doing from now on. I have short stories too that will convey positive messages in a lighter mood.

Secondly, when I started blogging, I had wanted to go through self-publishing, to publish my work in poetry. But I found out that I need more understanding from traditional publishers than I would do if I went with self-publishing. “Surprisingly, but I need the recognition only a traditional publisher can give me.”

1. Poetry must be really good to make it to the next level.

2, I need to tone things down a little bit. Since I started, I found out that I need to work extra hard, and I am really scared and excited since I will be working with people who are experts in that field. I am also scared for the fear of the unknown. In life if you are not scared of starting a project; evidently, you have not started.

3. In the beginning, my idea of blogging was surreal. I had no clue what I was going into because I just wanted to write. I thought it would be less stressful to start with blogging. I also thought I would just publish my work, but now I have realized that  it requires a lot of discipline which is another part or learning. But I pray no one ever goes to bed thinking that online bloggers are not humans; probably they are computer generated machines. That was my initial thought.  Even at that, I thought it was going to be easy too. I am standing here to confess to you that I have had more headaches in recent months than I have had in 28 years of just doing some random stuff.

4, Not only does it require discipline, blogging is a whole new school yet very promising. In as much as I have had my fair share of pains, I can also tell you that I could not be happier in recent months because writing always gives me joy. I also noticed that if you are not learning every day, you might as well stop trying to learn. And I have met a lot of  nice wonderful people online that naturally, there is no way it could have happened. I have also brought many people from other countries, outside readers to being my online readers; thanks to all my outside readers. I appreciate your kindness and love and promise to reach out to many more people.

5. Right now, I have decided to publish only one more poem and probably the last one since I will be handing  over my materials to the publishing company. I want to give you an idea of what I plan to achieve, but that does not mean that I have stopped writing . I will continue to read from other bloggers. I will engage in active  discussions, too, so that people  will get to know me. I will go back to publishing once a week like I was doing before, just to give myself  time to develop my poems and my short stories.

Finally, I want to stress the point that there is growth in every writer; as long as you can write. Writing should be what it is; very calm, relax and write. Probably we should not worry about how we are received as criticism is part of arts. Please do not take it personal. And write good content just like Leslie Carter said in her blog (Getting Noticed With Your Blog) as most people do here. There is always someone who will be listening. I know I can agree to that. I thank everyone who has paid attention to what I have to say; I hope that people will know me enough to read my book. I will be starting the journey of publishing my work; I know it is not going to be easy. I welcome any idea, any help that can make me a better writer. I want people to feel free and tell me how I can be better. Remember that there are always good tears when one realizes that people give a damn about what he or she does.

Last, but not the least. I apologize and appeal to all my online followers, our awesome bloggers; you know who you are. I am not  allowed to shout it out loud. But I promise all of you that I will come back with a new outlook. My purpose will be to get close to all of you that has cared enough to follow me. I am one of the sweetest people to know. I started with a lot of make me rich people bothering me, threatening to shut down my blog. And all the things I had to deal with which also lead to the topic, “I am not a marketer; just write.”

I also had to deal with my other things  about mixing  poetry and God together. But If I did  not tell you all of this, nobody will know. I am a very happy person, and I project happiness to the core. But some of you could have found out only by asking me some questions, which nobody did.

Each day I would add another two to three followers, yet we were not communicating. I  love people. I may have done things differently too .I apologize and I promise to reach out. I will come back with a new Host company. I will still have my blog with Word press. There will be some changes as I am not scared of changes anymore. In addition to all that, I will  tell you another company I will be writing for dollars. I want to make money as a writer.  I have prospects and  I love people, but I do not know how to reach out to them. I am very sorry for all the opportunities I miss in getting to know you. But I promise to do things differently this time. I will continue to try my best. I am like my father, honest, opinionated and very frank.

I have people that I have come to know greatly during this journey. I will not fail to recognize them for the inspirations I have gotten from all of them. A big thanks to “ Managers Diary” for all the wonderful quotes from him. He helped me through this journey a lot. He is always speaking to me through his posts. Alexis Grants for her business and computer savvy. I am learning to be strong just like her. I love her blog with lots of information. Gretchen Rubin, for allowing me to be on her happiness project.I am honored to be in the same  project as her. The Huffington Post, I have been a member since  November 2011.  And Blog-her for allowing me to be  learning from them too. And all the wonderful people that have helped me within these four months, I have many bloggers  here too, especially Diane from Hometogo, who is the strength behind my blog. I could not do much without her. She is like a mother to me.  I will not forget  I have others too,  but I cannot name all of them.

Happy reading and expect new things from me. Thank you so much and let  me know what I need to improve on. I really want to do better with people. I want to learn, and I am following those that can help me get there.I will spend time reading from everybody while I am putting my works together.

Here is how it all began. In 1/19/13 I Wrote (No changes) How To Start A Project

In life, it is often difficult to start anything whatsoever. That means you heard it from me. To start a project would often give headaches, sleepless nights, and sometimes confusing thoughts. There are three reasons why you should go with your heart.

First, you should always know that if you do not do it, the thought of not doing it will continue to bother you. Secondly, you should know that there are millions of people out there that will get courage from you even when it is not as perfect as you would want it. And lastly, why wait? Procrastinating longer will take your joy away knowing you can do it.

As I am writing, I am one of those who is scared of starting a project.  I hope if you read this it will inspire you to follow your dreams and stop extending the date. Make it happen.


2 thoughts on “Update On How To Start A Project: A Certain Realization

  1. I don’t know if my comment went through, but I just started my blog (peacewgod), talking about having true peace with God. this piece truly inspired me to go through the fear and uncertainty, thinking who am I. Thanks for doing your job.
    Please let me know about your book, so I can read it and share iit with others.

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