10 Things Happy People Do Differently

The greatest of empires is the empire over one’s self.”
Publius Syrus

Happiness creates inner joy. It is a way of living. Happiness varies for most people and it is contagious. Are you naturally a happy person? Is it necessary to be happy? Are there some things that you cannot run away from?

It is always easy to say we are happy, but can happiness be met with sadness at the same time? I am a great believer in happiness but I also do not believe that your own happiness will be dependable on the people around you. What if they do not have one to give you? What do you do when you hopelessly look for something that was not there? For me I have often times made that mistake of somehow looking for extra love that can go either way.

Sometimes the disappointment that goes with it is more hurtful. How can we be able to communicate how we want to be treated? How do you feel when somebody betrays you? Indirectly takes shots at you and expects you to be happy around them? These are all questions that may or may not have answers, but I have spent half of my life in classrooms full of students both young, old, and younger adults. Very understanding people that are still looking for what makes them super. At the end we are all looking for one thing. Treat me the way you want to be treated. Do not ignore the fact that everyone has special ways of recognizing danger. (If you don`t, I do).

Gretchen Rubin speaks so much about happiness and her own mechanism of been happy. I always love to read her thoughts on some things I strongly have passion for. Yes it is possible to be happy because  I know some people are naturally born that way.  No one can take away their happiness. I practice this a lot. “The greatest of empires is the empire over oneself.” Maybe because I am an introvert and very introverted in nature, (A person who turns her thoughts inward) very introspected.

Introspective is when you try to look deep into your thoughts or feelings- try to read yourself and understand who you are and  reflect on your own actions, behavior. Reflecting on things  gives me sense of security. Because you have people smiling at you does not mean they are happy with you. You can figure out where your strength lies. I do not need anybody to tell me what works for me. I hope you don`t either. All I need is peace and joy not asking for too much.

According to Gretchen Rubin explaining her eight symbols of  happiness, according to her and I quote, “I’ve labored to identify its fundamental principles. Because I get a tremendous kick out of the numbered lists that pop up throughout Buddhism (the Triple Refuge, the Noble Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths, the eight auspicious symbols), I decided to dub these fundamental principles as my Eight Splendid Truths.

Each one of these truths sounds fairly obvious and straightforward, but each was the product of tremendous thought. Take the Second Splendid Truth—it’s hard to exaggerate the clarity I gained when I finally managed to put it into words. Here they are:

This is four out of  Gretchen Rubin’s

Second Splendid Truth
One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy;
One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.

Fifth Splendid Truth
I can build a happy life only on the foundation of my own nature.

Sixth Splendid Truth
The only person I can change is myself.

Seventh Splendid Truth
Happy people make people happy, but
I can’t make someone be happy, and
No one else can make me happy.

My ten “takes’ on what happy people do differently:

1 Happy people smile at things that are really funny. They do not turn happy situations into a sad situation.

2 Happy people say positive things. Yes happy people stay positive and have a good outlook in life.

3 Happy people encourage you to be happy.

4 Happy people do not compromise their happiness for you because at the end it is  their way of living.

5 Happy people do not indirectly take shots at people in an open gathering.

6 Happy people will not intentionally hurt anyone.

7 Happy people are the most polite people.

Happy people know and understand very well that if you are not happy, you cannot make another person happy.

9 Happy people create a warm, conducive atmosphere for everyone around them. They do not project a hostile environment and expect everyone to be OK.

10 Happy people try to make everyone around them better. They pass on ideas, knowledge and encourage them to keep trying.

Next time you look around you, consider making people feel good. Do not act as if you do not know that they are capable of understanding your indirect talk. Be positive, speak love even when it is hard.

What is your own idea of happiness? I want to hear. Let’s share some thoughts. My daughter was voted having the best manners in a second grade class full of eight year olds. What do you think I live for? I am proud to know that we are raising children that will share both of our beliefs in the world around them. With hope that  all people in general and  mothers in particular are trying their best. Nobody said that it is easy to raise children.

Always share your passion and your beliefs. Thank you for reading. Please for those of you that are shy of writing remember the only way that I will matter to all of you and around the world is if you can communicate through emails or at least let me know you are here. I will continue to share my ideas. I have been giving so much, and I plan to share my love and happiness. Nothing but love.


8 thoughts on “10 Things Happy People Do Differently

  1. This is a masterpiece. In fact this work is a perfect reflection of my opinion on happiness. It comes from within and one can actually make conscious effort to achieve happiness. Nobody gives you happiness.

    1. I have been asked to submit my work for more evaluation for recognition by a paper.. since you have been following my work. which of my works can i submit. list them to me as I will share this good news with my other followers. let me know as soon as possible.

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