Children Of Africa

I am afraid your voice will not be heard even in an empty field.

Many children of Africa will be born with broken dreams, hopelessness.

Told that education is the answer, yet no one to direct their little ones

How can humans be in such disarray?

Where are you leaders? Are they too confused?

Are they really serious for a change?

Is this question prohibited?

Are we allowed to say things about our future?

I want to think that you will not know the difference between what is real and fake

What kind of world where children are allowed to rotten

Wasted, deceived without instruction

Children of Africa,

As long as we live, we will make you our priority

You need peace that nobody will expect you to buy as it is in other places

Why do people fail to realize that children are angels?

Children will be born not knowing how love feels.

How liberty runs,

They learn from generation to generation how corruption is created, produced, reproduced, and continued

Is that a way to teach them right, show them a good way of doing things?

We are still crying for the children of Africa

Those who will not know what it feels like to have a good balanced meal

A lot of kids are in disarray, confused, unbalanced, agitated, looking

I hope there is a day meant for African children to see what has been denied to them



13 thoughts on “Children Of Africa

  1. It is because of the generosity of the Americans, Europeans and the Asians who supply the African nations Billions of dollars and a thousand container ships every year loaded with life saving and life sustaining supplies, (no contraceptives of course) that population is so enormus and is suffering. If Japan; had a birth rate as high as Africa, they would have more problems of starvation and disease than in Africa. I don’t know who is going to teach these people that they should not be having sex 15 hours every day. Africa has more resources than any place on this planet and should be a place were more civilized humans should want to go and prosper. Now the one Country that was great. Meaning South Africa is a toilet with a rape every minute.
    Lets stop all aid to Africa and you will see that there will be fewer and fewer children suffering in the future. There were 50,000 starving children in Africa after ww(2) I did not eat lunch as a child and gave my lunch money to help feed the children of Africa. Now those children had 20 kids their kids had 20 kids and so on and on. Now the ones who helped have to feed a billion people who can’t feed themselves.

      1. I am Canadian and I worked with an NGO and one nation of course they worked in was Africa. So often people use the reason for not helping them is the ‘having babies’ .

        These people that are hurting so, do not have the advantages that we in the ‘Western World’ have. I believe that ‘we’ have sex just as often as those in the nation of Africa and other poor nations but do not have the amount of children because we have ‘birth control’ around the corner as near as the pharmacy. Unfortunately some also use abortion as a method of birth control but that’s another issue.
        The point being we cannot compare out lifestyle and way and means and level of ‘wealth’ if you will (in comparison to those in Africa)

        We have natural disasters but not the level of drought and thus the inability to grow their own food. We do not have to walk to a murky water hole or river to wash our clothes and even bring back that same water to use for cooking etc.

        We have doctors readily available to help our children get better and do not have to watch them ‘die’ in our arms because of dysentery or other disease etc.

        Do we use all kinds of reasons why we should not help humankind. Some of their governments do not do the right thing by their people. Do we use that as another reason to watch these dear ones perish for lack of people caring.

        When given a chance by help from others such as the NGO I worked for these people work to make their communities better…they plant gardens when given the tools and seeds. They help when perhaps they are fortunate enough to have a well dug for them with clean drinking water.

        Do we really have to have reasons/excuses not to help those less fortunate …. Really????? These people are the ‘poorest of the poor’ in many cases…. All they need is for others to care whether they live or die…. Diane

      2. Yes Diane that is one excuse they always use about having children. If people are educated, they will know right from wrong. But The Government is the problem. There is so much corruption that even when you give them that money, one person can pocket it. When I was in Africa, My Grammar was very good but there was something missing. Nobody was able to figure it out not until I went to school here in America. Here the teachers took time to figure it out and helped me to become a better writer that I am. What about others that nobody will figure their problems. Over In Africa, the Rich government may use the money and send their children to school abroad while poor people will continue to suffer, very smart kids are wasting. I hope there will be a day when our story would be told.

      3. The NGO I worked for did not give the money to the governments of whatever country they worked in…Instead they monitored and distributed the money themselves…thereby ensuring the people in need got it….Diane

      4. Yes you are right, NGO can do every good job. But African problem is bigger than anything you have seen. There is corruption that nobody can even stop. Sometimes I wonder how things do get out of hand. Most charities are done directly to the people. But when you are talking about other general stuff. It is huge and corrupt Government should be blame for all the problems.Thanks Diane for your wonderful comments

    1. African problems are more than anybody could see. It is sad and we pray for days that things will change, We hope that children will learn the right way of doing things. Not just having babies, but raising them the way they should grow.

    2. African problems are more than anybody could see. It is sad and we pray for days that things will change, We hope that children will learn the right way of doing things. Not just having babies, but raising them the way they should grow.

    1. There is no place like this country where everyone try to help. If not for the kind people of this beautiful country, I will not be writing now . I owe a lot to this nation. i will continue to work hard and spread my messages of hope and love. Thanks for the time you took to read this.
      I will always thank you for teaching our children.

  2. @Nkechi, my sis, above is fall out of the injustice in our society. I am particularly put off by analysis of spread of key positions in the country and especially the ownership of oil wells. @ Chinwe, I know that expression. Cheers.
    22 minutes ago • Like

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