Burden Beyond Explanation 9 Fascinating Things About Writing

I often worry that I am a writer and an introvert (not fair). If I did not tell you, you would probably not know. The worst is maybe the need to isolate myself in a crowd for no reason. I hate big crowds. I hate to be swallowed by things I do not have control over. I love to envision disastrous situations in my head and then make perfect excuses to cuddle up at home and read more. I want more space, more time when I am  already having an abundance of time. In addition to that, I can stay on my own laughing, reading, and enjoying other peoples’ work. I can cry if I want to; nobody gets it. I can get excited too. I am human. I find it difficult to trust. Even worst, I solve problems differently than most people do.

I always assumed that I have an OCD of writing, if you know me. Oftentimes writing becomes lonely and sad because as a writer, you  put your heart and soul into your work. My childhood was filled with lovely memories because I allowed the community to guide me. (Who does that, I suppose?) My purpose in life is to make everyone happy (if it is possible) . I never hurt anyone intentionally. I feel most comfortable in a zone. Tears flying everywhere, one cannot stop writing, creating words. Probably people around me may not understand why I have to spend time writing. My five year old said that all she wants for her birthday is if the blog could just die, so she can have her mummy back (She cannot understand it because there is a show called “Dog with a Blog”). Most times, that dog cannot stop  blabbering.

Not to assume too much  here, I know a thing about writing. It stems from years ago, the book about the Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway put me to tears; the death of my grandmother did not help me either. The suffering on John Steinbeck Of Mice And Men affected me too. The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner  has its own impact .The only thing I have ever known are books, Bible, poetry and philosophy. Well I do not have a word or two to say. But I know that once you start writing, too, there is no going back unless you are not born with it. Writing, to me, is an expression, sad, pathetic, a joke, an imitation, vibrant, arrogant, and it produces tears more than agony would . And it is a problem if you know a thing about writing.

As a writer you cannot be predictable; there is no law that says you cannot. Writing comes very easy for me. I move away from writing to try other things, but I always come back to it. In a nutshell, nothing gets me less excited than when I have to work with my computer; the same reason that I have few people on my Facebook and Twitter, but I am liking it now because I have no choice, but if I do have a choice, I will write. How can writing be the easiest thing on earth for me to do, while in my sleep, in the car driving, even when I am in a conference room? Oftentimes I go into a mood of not speaking because the thoughts are everywhere. I have often screamed that I was created with a lot of words.

As a writer, you cannot please everyone; just write. But remember that when things get even more complicated, every writer has a burden to bear; every writer has a hurdle to pass. There are obstacles to go through as far as you write. I have had my own share of mistakes. I apologize if I have offended anyone; I never intended to hurt. My life, my world, my imagination has been built by people. I guess I will remain a public person with great ideas.

9 Things that Fascinate me About Writing

1. Some writers have great titles but do not know how to convey their message.

2. Some writers have bad titles but have a meaningful conversation.

3. Some great writers have ideas, but nobody is listening .

4. Some people are listening, but the great writer has run out of ideas.

5. Some writers can have perfect words, but their grammar is a hindrance.

6. Some have perfect grammar but do not have enough words.

7. Some writers are communicators who know how to engage their visitors into talking.

8. Some wonderful writers have great words, good intentions, but their words do not come out as intended, bad tone I suppose ,  which is not fair.

9. Some writers have good viewpoints that nobody wants to hear

But  as writers, we represent different generations and era. What makes one writer unique might be different from the other writer. Depending on who is listening to whom? The voice or tone can be cropped up if  it has to, if it is possible. The joy of releasing the work often gets in the way.

But whichever writer you fall into, just write. Do not let anyone tell you are loud. Give the world your best view point; after all, you are created for a reason; just write. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have gone overboard. At the end, let your heart speaks for itself. Be careful in your choice of words. Be kind to another,remember that at any giving time, thoughtful words consoles and heals. May you continue to shine with your own style of writing. This is just my opinion.


4 thoughts on “Burden Beyond Explanation 9 Fascinating Things About Writing

  1. Very good thoughts and points about writing… Your little 5 year old comment is a bit sad… but I know being the good mother that you are that you make sure to spend time and love with all your children… I guess she just wants ‘more’ of your time… But you need to have an outlet for yourself …which is your writing… Diane

    1. Thanks so much, I know how it feels when children feel that you have another love interest. I understand how she feels but hey! we cannot go back. Thank you for being you. I appreciate all your comments. It means so much to me.

  2. Cracked me up when you mentioned your daughter wants the blog to die… right now she does not understand that strong stamp her momma is putting on the world. When she is an adult she will realize how incredible of a writer her mom is, and she will be so proud of you and you both will look back and laugh about her five your old remarks.

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