Beautiful World


A Beautiful World

 Only if we  can see how beautiful the world is

 The tributaries, the oceans and the animals

The mindless, the mechanical, the hopefuls, the dreamers

The accomplished, the onlookers, the bookkeepers

The intruders, the lovers, the workers

The interpreters, the writers, the readers

What makes them breed is yet to be found

In unity they found penchants

The famine lies their  sustenance

Be steadfast in all  your dealings

Be  sturdy, firm and lovely

Share your mind and heart and soul

Do not fizzle at the heat of snow

God created everyone differently, lovely, individually wrapped like crypts of leaves

Gild your Armour your power your strength


8 thoughts on “Beautiful World

  1. I love on Friday mornings when I can actually sit calmly and quietly and read your beautiful words. This was a lovely way to start my day reading those gentle words! -Now it is time to execute my “end of the year” to do list!- A Burke

  2. So true, we r all created differently and unique. I sometimes wonder why some of us want to like others when we r suppose to be different. Maybe that’s why things r the way the r, cuz some of us r letting go our responsibilities to up others…….. Well this is the time for us to really open our understanding and get back on track… Never too late once we r alive n well.

    1. You see politicians are not helping us. They tell us what they want us to hear and then the problems went back to homes. Teach a child to discover his or her own beauty. I do not have money, but as knowledgeable as I am, I can talk politics, talk arts, talk sports and walk into a conference without feeling bad. I want that for every child. I want children to figure out things for themselves.Thank you for contributing to this

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