A Letter To Her Mom On Mothering Sunday

Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!.

In Today’s prompt we are to share a letter that has mother on it. I will love to share a friends letter to her mom. I hope you like it.

Parenting is one of those things that is very beautiful; as mothers, we love and care.We still feel the pain in our children’s eyes even when they are no longer children.   love is kind, love is generous .I can see  that bond between you and your mother. It is a four letter word, but if you start analyzing them one after the other, it is more than four, I love the poem; it is very touching and consolatory .

In honor of the mothering Sunday I just want to share a letter  from a friend to her mum.







Four Little Words


When you were brought into this world, the moment you were born,

I was overwhelmed with the most sensational feelings I have never felt



What could this feeling be? I felt it so strongly to my core


My breath taken from me, I was completely consumed and overpowered by all of these unexplainable feelings?


What has God given to me?

Was it she?


This feeling that I just adore

So strong…so different from before


Then it hit me…

                         Maddie I love you more!


I cried to my mother, and she held me tight, and spoke these words to me…

Now you know, I have always been right!

You are now a mother it is your turn to take your flight. You have been given the gift to love more


I have always been your mother


And I will always, Love you more!


Mommy, thank you for loving me more! Happy Mothers day!


5 thoughts on “A Letter To Her Mom On Mothering Sunday

  1. Thank you for posting that! Brought me tears of joy to read it again! Thank you for caring about me and my words. Happy Mothers Day!

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