Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is: Ask Us

Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is.

Love can mean many things, different things to people. Love could be defined in different ways. We use love to convey emotions, like when we are enjoying the outdoor cooking. We also use love when we are at gathering with our fellow group members.

Love can be interpersonal relationship too (I love you), then there is also love which binds two people in perfect unity (col 3; 14)

Love has also meant; there is a need for sharing, understanding and enjoying the friendship. As people evolve, the term love becomes even more personal. For example, the type of love you share among your fellow members might be different from the one you have with your parents. But over the years, love and like has been mixed up too.

For me what I have loved so far is the unconditional selflessness in people. There are so many selfless people that exist that make the world go round. In the world around me, I congratulate those people. I love and cherish what they stand for. I am a happy person, I try to stay positive as much as possible which is love too. Sometimes some people do not want to see one happy for some reasons. Everyone cannot be sad at all times. When something good happen, give some love, share. But what makes other people love might be different from what makes me love. I speak about selfishness is another word we love to hate. I hate selfishness, and I do not condone that. But when writing online, it is hard to figure out who is selfish because writing is different. What works for one may not actually works for the other person. Over all people love for different reasons; they love you because you are soft, quiet, some can love you because you are entertaining and fun. Yet some love you because you have visions. Some don`t care to love you even if you try to make them do that.

I have spent years trying to figure out what people mean by love when they will actually go back and kill the same woman or man they have professed their love for. Overall I think generally there is still confusion about like, love. We get it mixed up. Because one is liked does not mean he or she is loved. Anybody can like you but to love someone, something must have transpired.

Love is God; love is patient, understanding and gentle. Over all you cannot force anyone to love you. And if you force yourself to be loved, you become an object of caricature. Let love come to you .Do not force you’re yourself to be loved.



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is: Ask Us

  1. Love is the many things and ways that you describe. It is different to one person than to another.. and often a word that is over-used or maybe used wrongly…. Good explanation…Diane

    1. I have been gone the whole day, You are the reason i am still a life. I love your wisdom, your patient and your perseverance.
      I appreciate your kindness.

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