Daily Prompt: Free Verse Poem Shadow

Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

Walking over my shadow, I am dreaded with my reflections.

The glance at a closer range makes it bearable to watch.

I saw in a shadow, peace within.

A love so amazing,

A wondrous love,

A shadow where my reflection rains supreme.

In total sublimation,

Lofty in thoughts,

Protecting me from my own fear

Thoughts that cause me to tangle up and disappear.

You gave me the ability to carry on.

You liberate me from the rushing rivers.

Even in the strangest of all places.

Even when I stumbled over,

Of a concrete, in a mist of chaos.

I long for a peaceful river,

Quiet river.

Where the real shadow will reign supreme.

Where I will not be judged no more.

Where is my shadow, my beloved instincts?

Save me from my own nightmares.

Let me be strong for the work I have unfinished.


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