Daily Prompt: Second Time Around: I And Thou


I and Thou by Martin Buber is a book I cannot get enough of. He was very philosophical in relating  to the real life issues that befell him during his time and had continued.

I and Thou, Martin Buber’s classic philosophical work was among the 20th century’s foundational documents of religious ethics. According to him, “The close association of the relation to God with the relation to one’s fellow-men … is my most essential concern,” Buber explains in the Afterword. Before discussing that relationship, in the book’s final chapter, Buber explains at length the range and ramifications of the ways people treat one another, and the ways they bear themselves in the natural world. “One should beware altogether of understanding the conversation with God … as something that occurs merely apart from or above the everyday,” Buber explains. “God’s address to man penetrates the events in all our lives and all the events in the world around us, everything biographical and everything Historical. http://www.shop.com/hiring/254585940-o+260.xhtml

On #20 also,  he went on to say that Success is no proof of virtue, in the case of a book; According to him a quick acclaim is presumptive evidence of a lack of substance and originality. Most books are stillborn. As the birthrate rises steeply, infant mortality soars. Most books die unnoticed, fewer live for a year or two, which I totally believed in what he was saying. I was reading http://trentlewin.comThe 14 Essential Differences Between Writers and Storytellers by Trent Lewin. I can make sense from one of his points that real writers actually do die poor. According to Buber too most writers  do not even get noticed  until they are gone. Sometimes their book die instantly since most of the writers are not really money  making individuals.

He also went on to say that books referred as “Those that make much noise when they see the light of day generally die in childhood. Few books live as long as fifty. For those that do, the prognosis is good; they are likely to live much longer than their authors.

He justified his comments by saying that “that Books that survives their authors do not weather timeline rocks. They are reborn without having quite died and have several overlapping lives. Some fall asleep in one country, come to life in another, and then wake up again.

His greatest disappointment came when he lamented that his world acclaimed book did not even ring a bell in his New home, “Buber did not meet the acclaim that had won from German Jewry in the years of persecution. No longer could he write in German. He had to try his hand in Hebrew, and people joked he did not yet know Hebrew well enough to write obscurely as he had written in Germany.( 20) I and Thou survived mainly among Protestant Theologians

Buber writes, we must learn to consider everything around us as ‘You’ speaking to ‘me, ‘requiring a response and Buber was almost right in foreseeing things. His determination to write in another language even when he cannot speak that language was very encouraging. He made a valid point in analyzing the fact that the books may or may not survive. And the people you think will be reading may not be reading after all. I use blogging as an example. How can my blog be popular in Japan? I cannot even speak their language. I was wondering if I was going to have a translator who will write for me in Japan. It is so amazing how spoken words can continue to be reality. I am amazed at his foresight, his determination, and his love for writing that I can read it over and over without getting bored.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Second Time Around: I And Thou

  1. When I first saw this title Daily Prompt: Second Time Around: I And Thou | NOAEFAME on google I just whent and bookmark it. I’ve heard that there are some issues with character limits on the PS3 web browser. Has this problem been fixed? Would I be able to type out long blog posts on the PS3 web browser?.

    1. I am so sorry to reply late. I actually do not know anything about character limit on The Ps3 web browser. I will find out and I hope you will come back here and get the answer. thank you for reading.

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