POEM: Young At Hearts

 If there is a way to go back and be 16 again

It will be so easy, won`t it, no ill feelings I suppose

At least we have all the things to share, things to say

Love flies at 16; it stops and fully develops at 18

By eighteen your heart must have tasted pain

Ironically the pain will continue if they allowed it

Remember you are a flower

By 22 you must have seen it all

Whether is pain from the entire unknown, for knowing and all of the above?

How could you not see the danger looming,

I guess nobody even warn you of an imminent danger.

Love is real if you believe it, it is wrong if you fall from the opposite side

It is soothing if you wait for the real deal

Yet remember you are the hope

Don’t let anybody just tell you otherwise

Be wise, be sensible, be kind and listen to your elders,

They have passed through those rough ages; it hurts if you think you know

Take your time; watch out for storytellers, less you hear all they want you to hear

I promised that they have only words less action

Why because they are just experimenting like all of us

At last you will end up like most of us did.

Went home broken

I wish I can go back and play my own music, the way I want it, and how I want it played out in real life.

Why because reality demands us.


2 thoughts on “POEM: Young At Hearts

  1. If only the young people would listen to those who have been through times that they are going through..There is wisdom that could help them…. but most want to do it their own way…Diane

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