Action Center – Save the Children

Action Center – Save the Children.

Children are our future, our hope. Children are growing up in more difficult situations than we had. I pledge to continue to work with the “Save the Children”, org to create awareness on how to raise our children efficiently. Thanks for all the support from the women, children, my church members, online Bloggers and my growing fans!

Kids in America are growing up in a different world. We can safeguard our children from violence at home and in school. We can ensure that all kids, especially those living in poverty, reach their full potential. We can do more. If we can, we must. And you did!

Thank you for making our Advocacy Summit a tremendous success. Hundreds of Save the Children advocates met with White House officials and members of Congress. Thousands more joined us online. More than one million people saw your messages in social media!

Dear advocate,

Thank you for sending a letter to Congress in support of the establishment a new National Commission on Children and funding that promotes our children’s security.

Now please help us protect children and spread the word.

The more people we get to support the campaign, the bigger difference we can make.

Please take a moment to share the take action link with your friends and family on Facebook and via email:


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