Ode To Who I Am

I know who I am.

I grew up in a small town in Africa,

a town filled with heat and a cool breeze at the same time to say the least,

a town where little boys hunt with catapults.

With smiling faces even when there was no hope,

a town where everyone had the same slate to write instead of using blackboards,

a town where children will carelessly drop their slate only to be returned to them by  just a passerby.

how many of them  even realized they were not writing properly.

I know who I am.

A girl who thinks too much, worries too much about others,

spent many days crying for all the kids who had lost their mothers at young ages,

because I was one of them.

To them I say, “There is always hope.”

To them I will always say to them, “There is refuge.”

To them I will encourage them to dream big,  not settle.

To them I will tell them  not to hear all the wrong voices. “Hear the good ones!”

I know who I am.

A girl heartbroken at the age of 2o years,

innocently waiting for love that came late.

It was so late, yet it did not spare me from pain.

Bringing me to question, what about it?

Part of what I have dealt with all my life,

I know who I am.

A girl that has nothing wrong to say to anyone,

a girl very conscious of the thin air in the sky,

a girl who can whisper hope to a dying kid,

a girl whose only hope was to write, write, and write.

A girl with so much to say, so much to share so much to learn,

A girl who is scared that Africa as a whole will never experience freedom as far as they continue to have selfish leaders.

Where is the hope, where is life, where is leverage?

A girl that has been given so much and much is expected from .

I hope all of you can make my dream come through.

I am a writer; I have mechanisms to quench pain. I am alert.

I love where I am now. It would have been different if I was still oversees.

Probably I would have been dead by now without saying all I have to say.

They always say to me, “Never bite the fingers that fed you,”

but I cannot help it than to lament about who I really am.


5 thoughts on “Ode To Who I Am

  1. I hope the world see the same thing as you and all the children I have worked with all my life. I am blessed because God always send good helpers around me.
    thanks for reading

  2. This is very eye-opening to hear about your life in this way and how you can use your experience to help others.

    1. There is hope as far as we all live. I have been fortunate to escape poverty, what of the other people of the world. Thanks for reading

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