Poem About Perfection: Reflection

Perfection: Reflection

Is it easy to be perfect? I doubt it.

It is even easier to show perfectionism in all we do, and all the things that come our way.

Every time I turn around, something is always perfect.

Flying above my head, even without prior notice

To be perfect, is it a norm? A way of thinking, and a way of living, or all of the above?

To be perfect is not reality because no one is.

I saw one cute puppy bouncing up and down; in my first thought, ”Oh! How perfect she is,”

I looked down to see the owner chasing the puppy and telling her how stubborn she is becoming really.

I just wondered if it was all in my head.

I saw my perfect friend, in a perfect island, looking up in a perfect tree.

She was even worried that everything was so perfect that she began to run.

“Life should not be this perfect,” she cried, “You mean to tell me that this is normal?” she asked.

She came home to see all her clothes on the floor, her shoes scattered all around.

She then look around and said to herself, “Here we go again!”

Back to the reality where she realized that she has been on a dream binge,

“But I can see why people still clamor for perfection,” she laughed.

Yet everything relating to perfection is up in the air and never comes down.

Everything about perfection is based on assumption, manipulation, and jurisdiction; you name it.

Hang on my friend; try not to live your life thinking you are perfect because it must be from your head.

We can predict right now, that even tomorrow, in years to come; no one can attain perfection.

This is not a consolation, but consolatory.

Personal Commentary:

People do that to please their ego; also, we live in a world where people are not allowed to make mistakes anymore.

We also find it interesting to ridicule ourselves when we are not moving as expected, but there are three things that come to mind when we worry so much about perfection:

1. Doubt is one of the greatest instruments for failure. We often questioned why there is so much doubt in our lives. But doubt is one of the reasons why we cannot be perfect. Even when people are complimenting us, we doubt their intention. We doubt our own  abilities to become great at what we do , and fall norm to the idea that we are not perfect and lean on it for as long as it will go.

2. Over analyzing  is evidently part of the reason we cannot be perfect because we regularly analyze everything. From big to smaller things, we give them overdue analysis, creating a lot of confusion and doubt.

3  Having  too high expectations when we are allowed to live on high expectations come  challenges where everything in life is almost faced with challenges. With high expectations comes  too much approval. After approval, we fall back to reflect on what just happened.


4 thoughts on “Poem About Perfection: Reflection

  1. I think I know that you. I give glory to God for your life. Love the way you aptly captured this.

    1. If every- one of my readers can comment like you are doing. I will be where I need to be.Thanks for your wisdom
      please check my blog and tell our friends

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