Five Things We All Love About Poetry

As people grow up, they find different things that appeal to them. It can be money; it can be relationships; it can be cars; it can be Philosophy;  it can be science, or if you are one of us, you must have grown up loving poetry and all it stands for—whatever happens to be what we love in our lives.

1. Poetry, literary work in the form of poems, like most things, has words:

The words can be sad; it can be soothing; it can be happy; it can be angry; it can create confusion in a twinkle of an eye, it can question nature with no answer, but most importantly, it can create hope unequivocally, but if you like smaller words like me, it is undeniably good. That means good things can come from poetry.

2. Because it comes with words; therefore, it has style:

The style in poetry can be in verse; it can rhyme; it can be short; it can be long; it can be longer than expected, or can even rhyme, again and again. The style can change from dark to cloudy like when the sky quickly changes its shape to alert you that rain is on its way. But remember, there is honor in creating your own poetry.

3. Because it has style, it comes with rhythm:

With rhythm, it can flow; it can have expressions, and it can be expressionless too. It can have rhetorical questions where the poet keeps asking the same question over and over.

4. Because poetry has rhythms, it can set a tone:

The tone can be provocative with a lot of sound.  It can have an angry tone, too. When a poet sounds angry, you can feel it; sometimes you can identify with him.  She or he probably must have been infuriated with something nether one of us knew about. There are no limits of provocation. You can invoke everything that has a sound.  You are allowed to exaggerate them, too. After all, exaggeration is part of literature, and poetry is literature too.

5. Because poetry has rhythms, therefore, it can create imagery:

Imagery is something only you can be able to explain. You can use metaphors to showcase them because images can only be resurrected only by your own creativity. It can be believable only by your conviction and choice of words. What I am saying is that your destiny is in your hands; you can convince us to believe in you.

Finally poetry is what goes on in our daily lives, in our kitchen, in our backyards, in our contentment. The sounds, the smells, the injustice that  befall human beings every day, the air that ran away and went through our noses. Anything one can describe so well to people is just poetry. You, too, can be part of it. Your side story can make us better.

Have a wonderful poetry month. Remember to showcase your talent during the national poetry month.


9 thoughts on “Five Things We All Love About Poetry

    1. If you think this is beautiful, go and check what i said about you.
      you are beautiful Diane. Thanks for always reading. you have made my journey look simple. I am grateful.

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