Daily Prompt: Share the Love: I have An Idea.

Prompt: Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

I grew up in a family where people shared ideas. I have been influenced by great teachers all my life ( partly why I talk a lot about teachers)

As a literature student too, I have shared my own ideas with lots of people too. I have helped children a lot too. My mentor Macy has helped me to prepare me for this journey. She has worked with me on my language for the past 4years. I can go on, and on, about how my life has turned around by wonderful groups of people in my life.

Now haven`t said, the one person that has made my journey on internet very smooth and timeless is writerwannabe, Diane, hometogo232 Actually, she has made this place a home for me just like her blog directed ( hometogo232 when you need it ) . She welcomed me with an open arm like a mother would to her child. What made it so remarkable was that I was not expecting all the help she has given me. I could not have done so much with technology without her. I can call her anytime and she has been there for me.

I have always asked her, how can I  let people know all that she has done for me at least to get credit for it. But in return she will say no. I have continued to admire her courage, her leadership, her kindness, her love for what she does. I do not think she even get any kind of credit for what she does; I will continue to learn from her. Her knowledge is so immeasurable.

In closing, I will say that I am grateful, happy, excited to have known her. Sharing someone’s knowledge usually comes from the heart. There is no fake  to what we know. With people like her, there is no limit to what can be effectively done. Watch out for people like her.


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