Dirge : Lamentation

In celebration of  the national poetry month, I thought I should share with you my  own pain over the years.

I long for the day I will wake up and not worry about you.

Your torture over the years has brought me to my knees,

I was still defiant, and strong.

Resilient and determined

Always looking up in the sky for better answer

Worried that you are a permanent scar

Open for explanation even when it was uncomfortable

The uncomfortable sweat you produced

The uncontrolled nerve you ignited

Like The tears that accompanied your torture.

You never care if I fail or not

You never even felt my palms rubbing my skirt

The silent plea that you never adhere to,

How could I have failed all those essays over the year?

You think that it does not matter to me.

Now I have something to say about that.

You comfortably watch me drooled in my fingers

You became slippery as if I was holding you

I could not have even understood you even if I try

I know the pledged I pledged with you

You continued to send rain beneath my fingers and palms.

I know you were not paying attention

This is not a dirge, but indignation.

It has continued unabated.

Like your good neighbor and accomplices

I am not angry at you

Probably you did not mean any harm

But it is my time to lament on the pain you have caused me over the years.


8 thoughts on “Dirge : Lamentation

    1. Diane, I know a lot of people will think this is about love and hate relationship. This is actual pain from my writing. I have a poor writing that nearly caused me everything. You wait till you hear all that I went through with it. Thanks for reading.

  1. Writing is such good therapy! I find comfort it in as well. This was beautiful, and I can feel your pain through this. It has intrigued me to wonder. A. Burke

    1. I went through it all. In Africa we do not have many opportunities like computers and all.the things about writing. I formed my writing earlier on and it brought so much agonies because I had to re-write it over and over again.. And I ended up drooling in my palms. I have a whole blog on it. But finally it will become joy. Not to give it away.
      Thanks so much for all your support. Tell your students the importance of writing well.

    1. Thanks for reading. I had this pain for years of re-writing words instead of writing new ones. No body knew I had the problem for years.
      thanks for reading too. I am amazed by people like you.

  2. Ahh, you are too kind!
    Photographers can learn much from writers… certainly in the inspirational sense.
    The only significant difference in our mediums, is that we use different tools as our mode of expression..

    I’m glad to be a follower, and look forward to your posts.

  3. Arts is very inspirational. Like you said, We all have different mediums and I think we are very creative in our own ways.I was blown away the first time i went to Gynji`s blog. I was also blown away too today when I visited your blog including many others too . That is what arts does, Regardless of who is presenting it, But thank you for the kind words. I am glad to be following you too,

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