AN ODE To A Courageous Lady

AN Ode to A wonderful and courageous lady who, just lost her leg.

I got the news today.

I felt so sad that pain has shown itself at your door.

It then brought the question, why do good people go through adversaries.

It is hard a question to ask. It is very sad to even think about it.

I know in your heart that there is no answer to this.

But instead of paying attention to this horrible incident,

We are not going to let it bring us down

I wish I have an answer to this. I wished it never happen

But now, it is time to look forward, never look back

Think positively, not negatively

Look at wide open spaces, not narrow spaces

Think about those you love, not those who hate you,

Think about a better life, not misery

Build yourself up because pain has no room in your heart

And last for those of us who knew you well,

Nothing will change the happiness you will continue to bring to those around you

You are a wonderful person.

In our lives pain is inevitable.It often brings confusion that we do not understand. As all the confusion is going on,  we can use empathy to show people that we  really care.  and have love for them.What an amazing world it will be  if we can feel the pain of ordinary person working on our street. As Jesus will direct us, show love in all that we do. Care for one another. hold on to love and not hate. Show love in everything  we do.Be kind to one another. At all times give someone the  message of hope.


4 thoughts on “AN ODE To A Courageous Lady

  1. I know someone very close to me who went through this a few years ago and lost both legs. Very tragic. Every single person can take something away from this. We can live life in two very different ways. With a positive out look or negative out look. I chose positive! Love how inspiring you can be 🙂 – A. Burke

    1. This lady is someone who was busy taking care of everyone. She is all you see in a group full of people. I want to sit back and think about all she had done with her feet and be thinking she can no longer do those things anymore is pain it self. But it is up to us to make our world a better place.
      Every word count. We can inspire someone everyday by our choice of words.
      Thanks for reading

    1. thank you so much. This lady means so much to our club. She is the first person to lead every new comer. She is always available to everyone. Then you wonder what is next?. What a life!.
      Thanks, your input means so much .

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