Daily Prompt: Trading Places; Not Really

Daily Prompt: Trading Places

I do not think that I want to trade places with the opposite sex.

 Honestly I do not think that I can become a man for a day. I want to stay organized, live organized, and die organized.

To me there is something scary about the opposite sex. For example,  I cannot think like a man, live like a man, and wonder like a man.

You must have extra strength to be a man I suppose. Do not get me wrong.  For some reason I  somehow believe that all men are identical. You have a right to oppose what I have just said. How many preschool teachers, kindergartners, and elementary school teachers are male?. What did that tell us about  the nurture part of men!. Men tends to think alike naturally and love what they do.

But after finding success as a woman and coming to love what I have become as a woman, I do not want to trade places with the opposite sex unless there is some kind of misery knocking my way.

But If I finally become a man. I will make a law that will give women equal pay for the same job as men.

teacher photo

 credit: http://www.atozteacherstuff.com

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Trading Places; Not Really

    1. I must have a 1% husband. Although I don’t see him as a school teacher at all because he doesn’t really have that much patience with kids who misbehave, he is really really good at nurturing our son and expressing his feelings.

      Maybe it was my upbringing in a culture where I wasn’t supposed to or felt allowed to cry or express emotions, but somehow I think I lack the nurturing part with our son. I’m learning every day how to deal with our son’s emotions, as he’s very sensitive, and I’m still trying to figure out to console him at times, and then my husband comes to the rescue.

      I wouldn’t trade sexes, either. I still love being a mom.

      1. It would of course be more difficult for you if your true feelings were not able to be expressed growing up…but I think you and your husband make a good team..you likely have the patience and he fills in when necessary for the nurturing. As long as your son receives love from both I think he’ll be okay…Diane

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