Creating Your Own Identity

Green picture for blogging 

Looking at this picture reminds me of home.

Very peaceful, but lonely.

Very creative,yet not enough resources.

Very sad, because people were dying to experience something new.

Very promising, yet gloomy.

Forgotten but not forsaken

Emotions runs high like a stream of water.

Fear of unknown still lurking its head

The hurdles we had  to go through in life to succeed

It takes  a lot of work to succeed. The driving force within us.  The zeal to succeed ,that always takes me to the Word Empower.

“Empowerment comes not only by spoken words, but by action, which comes thoroughly when one creates his or her  own identity”  who am I???

Seven ways you can create your own identity without pressure

  • Be who you say you are. Whatever you say you are will stick to people more than when you constantly create a character of yourself.
  • Be on time in any thing you do. Time is very important to begin with.It reminds people  how serious you should be taken.
  • Trust your instincts. Tell  yourself everyday of what you are planning to achieve between  now and the next 6 months.
  • Know that all men are created equal but with a different gift and talent; therefore, do not struggle to be somebody else. Try and do what you might be remembered for.
  • Do not be anxious to showcase your work; you may not be ready.
  • Do not worry about what every other person is doing; worry about what you yourself are doing, at last  there can only be one you.
  • Let your conscience guide you more than the  court of public opinion, ( but not when you are stealing.) Because conscience is one of the most  important part  in creating your own identity.

4 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Identity

  1. It is astonishing to me to see how and where you used to live. That is so very simple compared to what I’d know of, yet it looks so peaceful with all the greenery.

    1. thanks, It is astonishing to know that there is another life behind those green leaves. it is very interesting to be able to move beyond that.

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