Daily prompts- Planner By Nature.

I love to have a plan in everything I do especially if it comes to my family. I am a planner by nature. I am still a student and a mother raising four kids. I am also my husband`s secretary and plan his own activities too since he works. My level of tolerance is very low so I always plan to keep myself in check. I have this routine that I have pick and drop our children to and from  school for 11years now, that is how much I can remember.

But most importantly, I have a full calendar year that I put down everything in my calendar. I complete each and every one of the things that I had written down as the days wind down. If I do something spontaneously depending on what is it, I usually get thrown off guard and that is when my nerves kicks  in.  I have uncontrollable nerves especially when things become so sudden that I cannot handle it.It works better when it is you alone. So from my yearly to day activities, I am a big time planner and it has work for us.


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