Is LeBron James arguably the best?

From my own point of view I will say yes to LeBron. But From what I have seen from Michael Jordan and what other people are saying about him. I think it will be hard because Michael was a big time one on one person. Meanwhile Le Bron always makes his team mates look good.  Although I do not know anything about Michael Jordan during his era, but I will say that I wished that LeBron had the same push and the kind of attitude that Michael Jordan had. From what I have read, Michael  was very Feisty and played angrily, which takes a lot of high emotions and bitterness to do. Michael Jordan was also fortunate to have played with great teammates too. On the other hand, I have seen Le Bron broke apart especially during their championship game against Dallas Mavericks in 2011.Only for me to be screaming “wake up LeBron “wake up”. I had no doubt in my mind that LeBron James will win more championships, but the question has always been when? Because at the end championships matters.

I could have brought in statistics to prove my point, but that is not why I decided to talk about this topic.  But I decided to talk, because I have watched LeBron since he was with Cleveland Cavaliers. I became Cavaliers fan then, and when he left, I left with him. I am now a Miami Heat fan. I guess I just love the fact that he is very dominant. I love his basketball IQ. He is probably the best in my opinion but he is not chirpy like I would want him. I wished he could step on someone toes just to surprise me if he could, but he is not that person. He is just too good to play basketball. If you compare what I mean, and give him Kevin Garnet`s attitude. I think we may hate him a little, but he would have been the toughest and would have won more championships. Likewise Kobe Bryant, before I do not like Kobe`s game because he steps on peoples toes all the time; so I think. But I guess that is why he had won many championships.  I think LeBron could still be the greatest ,but he needs to be like , Marat Safin or Lyetton Hewitt,  Pete  Sampras,  Roger Federer , and  Andy Roddick that not only played the game of Tennis ,but they can  also throw their Rackets if they get angry at times. I want LeBron to play with anger if it is possible. I do not want him to become a dirty player, to say the least, but he can let loose sometimes. That is just my opinion.


I welcome any comments

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