How I Came Up With NOAEFame

With a large family come characters. Each one is unique. It took me seconds to think through what to come up with for a blog name. Here is a breakdown of everything.

We have six people in our house. The two N’s, Nonye and Nkechi, are Naturally gifted people; they are freelance writers; they can write on any topic. They can do whatever they want to do; all they need is just to put a little more energy.

Then two O`s, Ozioma and Okey, are the two most Opinionated people of all time .They do not really say so much, but anything out from their mouths are worth listening to, and they are very organized too. They do not really impose their thinking on you, but you have no choice than to listen.

The only Initial A, Amara, is very Articulate and creative; she coordinates everyone with her great knowledge. She helps everyone to read.

Then Eby is an Education itself. You can learn so much from her.  She is very informative, too. She surprises me all the time, and she has a sense of humor, and she is witty too.

That is my family, and that is how I came up with my Blog name.


I welcome any comments

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