Somebody I know Told Me She Is “Proud Of Me”

Daily Prompt: Proud.

My mentor Macy knows that to come up with ideas all the time is very hard. I have known her since four years now.

 The first time I started studying science. I had problem writing my organic chemistry papers, because I was new at science. At the beginning of our meeting each other, we started as science buddies .Until one day I told her my ambition and all the things I had  planned to do. She had no idea that I am not afraid to do pubic speaking.

For me, Speaking in public comes easy for me although I have an accent that sometimes does conflict with my natural intelligence. But one day I did my Icebreaker, a speech in my Toastmaster and I wowed the crowd. Some of the members were really drawn to my courage and my ability to have created a mental picture of how I became a “vocabulary junkie”. Macy looked at me and she said. “Nikky”, I am so proud of you. I will not be surprise if you take public speaking as a profession.

The second time again both of us has been talking about blogging for quite some time now. One day, I came back one day and told her that I have started without prolonging the idea any longer .She went to my blog and wrote “I am proud of you for making this happen”. Well that complement was so huge for me because I have worked closely with her for 4yrs. She knows exactly what I put in everyday to be able to do all that I love to do.


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