Do Not Let Your Emotions Get The Best Of You

I will start my writing from Wistawa Szymborska’s poetry who said, and I quote, “We are extremely fortunate not to know precisely the kind of world we live in.” Well most of us know that it is possible not to know precisely the world that we lived in, but we are also fortunate that we live in a world where we have choices. We can choose to be happy if we want to. Or we can choose to be angry at everything that is thrown at us.

It is hard to live on this earth pretending that anyone is prone to pain. Pain is something that we must all experience at some point in life, whether it’s merited or not; whether we looked for it or not, whether they are directed towards us or indirectly affecting us. On that note, I learn something new every day, and you, too, can learn.

I have always used my writing to help my tensions. For example, if things are not going the right way, I normally write down my emotions, especially in ways that I can help myself look at it in a more positive light; whether it is something I create for myself or something I read in a newspaper, especially when it is something worth writing about.

On Sunday night, I watched Super Bowl XLV11 with all the intensity that it always brings. For the past ten years, I have invested so much in all things sports, whether it is tennis, basketball or any sports at all. I love to watch and analyze as much as my strength would let me. At one point towards the end of the Super Bowl last night, I was unable to control myself; all the bad nerves kicked in, leading me to lose my appetite. I somehow became mildly irritated knowing that the media will eventually blame Ray Lewis for all the attention he had brought to his team (that is part of the world we live in). For those of you who have been following sports, you may or may not have known about Ray Lewis and his contributions to the game of football. Ray Lewis has been a vital part of Baltimore Ravens Defense for the past 17 years. He played the game with Passion. He equally took that game as serious as any other player playing the game of football. But one thing we will all agree with was that whenever he played, because of his larger than life personality, everyone automatically assumes his team will win. He did it for years until he decided that this year (2013) will be his last year in the game; he had invested so much and promised that he was going out in style. Evidently some people do not want that success story. And he even angered many when he started professing God`s love for his team (sounds familiar). They accused him of doping, including other things that was thrown at him

Why do I care so much?

Well I do care, especially if I am defending people, whether it is Tim Tebow, Taylor Swift, or whoever, it does not matter to me. They go through the same injustice that sometimes makes me want to feel sad for people.

For the past month, Ray Lewis refused to let anger get the best of him or even Tim, if you ever follow football. Coincidently, Tim Tebow was another football player that has gone through the same ridicules over the years. For same reason that his critics too had determined that He cannot throw football unlike Ray that everyone including his critics agreed that he can play.  And they have taken it up as a duty to castigate Tim Tebow for years for just the fun of it. They have also ridicule him for professing his love for God ;and his passion for playing wild card .His critics  always want to dismiss him as a professional football player too but he always smiles with love and happiness. Just like a similar scenario, Regardless of what was thrown at him, Ray Lewis still spoke with love and happiness to what seemed to be very tiring and often times very confusing moments. I am not trying to compare this too people, but just to show you how important to know that we live in a world that is not so fair( a world that is unknown to us). As Euripides will say,”There is no benefit in the gift of a bad man.” But these people are good men, and we have benefited from their gifts and talents. Yet I wonder why they put them through so much.

This morning, I witnessed something that almost made me cry too (part of the unknown world—Ha!). It is hard especially if you live in a world full of unpredictable human beings in a world where people can pick and choose who they want to love and hate. I picked myself up too (Somebody may ask who am I?). Well I am a human being with emotions; love, kindness, and someone who treats people the way I would want to be treated.

To cut the story short, I was close to being down with fear and anger, just like how I’d feel whenever anybody I am supporting loses a game. But in life, some people’s lives should be able to encourage and inspire you to move ahead.

One of the reasons I am writing this is to let people know that if everything in this life makes you happy, I think something is wrong. But also if everything sad makes you depressed too, well you should think about the good part of every sad situation. To the point, not everything should create sadness especially if it is coming from people who could care less about you. On the other hand, just by watching people and how they react to life’s obstacles, they can equally help one in dealing with some of life`s obstacles .

I learned early in life that life is not fair; nothing about this life is fair. If so, why have I lost both of my parents when I am still in my early 40s? I have seen people who have lost both parents like I did too, yet they speak with passion and love to people around them. Some took it to heart too (after all we live in this world unknown to us).

Treating people with fairness is sometimes hard to do. Some people love the agonies that hate brings, the confusion it creates. On a big note, they do not care if you have a heart or not. Even when you have a heart, they do not care if it breaks or not. In this life, nobody is exempted from how this life scrutinizes. But regardless of how you have been pushed to the wall, be careful with your emotions.

Do not react to mostly ignorant stuff like we all experience every day. Be upright in your dealings with people, and most importantly, think before you misspeak. Learn the importance of decency; which is another key to a very successful life. After all we`re extremely fortunate not to know precisely the kind of world we live in.


4 thoughts on “Do Not Let Your Emotions Get The Best Of You

  1. What a wonderful topic, and very reinforcing. You are definetely right, we have to watch our emotions all the time because what is said or done with strong emotion at times can negatively affect us later with feelings of regret, hate and bitterness. love this your site, it is very informative and full of life lessons that we need to hear to help us through some of our difficult times. Keep up the good work. Will visit often from now on.

  2. It is so gratifying to see you thinking the way you do. That proves that there still are some sweet, kind and compassionate people in this world. Don’t give up.

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