The Importance of Resisting Anger in Everything We Do

There are so many reasons why it is important to resist anger. Anger is an agent of destruction; anger can be very manipulative (only if you let it). Anger will not even give you a chance to think instantly. You will not believe how much sense you will have after the damage has been done. Most importantly, anger can misguide you.

In the last two years, I went to a vocational Bible study where color was, to me, inappropriately used. Normally in a religious setting, you can say dark for evil and not Black for evil because black is a color that is associated with human color, and it is a very sensitive issue. I heard how it was used in comparison to how white was used in the same manner. I am not for color and have never been a fan of anything color, but I was listening as the youth pastor joyfully said that Black represents evil, and White represents light. For a moment I was shocked and sad at the same time. I still put up a very lovely face to everyone in the audience. If you know me, I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet, even in my darkest of time, but was thinking in my mind that this analogy of white and black and other colors was totally wrong (especially to the young ones).

To my surprise, I went home to tell my husband. Initially I did not know how to say it, but I picked up the courage to tell him. He was angry about their analogy too and he said, “Please do not EVER, EVER take my children to that Vocational Bible Study again!” I did not even say anymore thing about it, but I said, “No, I do not think that they meant to provoke people.” To me it was an honest mistake, and I am sure they thought it was a good idea initially. But despite my complaint, I still went back to the same V.B.S again in 2012 because to me they represent what life is all about–tolerance.

But I am proud to tell you that the same topic was repeated again at the same time same moment of analogy, but the difference this time was that they said that Dark is evil and not black as was used the previous year.You cannot believe how proud I was. I was proud that I wasn’t wrong by saying it was an honest mistake. I was also proud that I did not get angry and screamed at them. I was also proud that I did not listen to my husband who told me not to go back there because if I had stayed back I would have taken note of their correction.

In life people are quick to anger and in judgment. I have seen a well stated opinion in a newspaper column only to stop for a moment to think that anger overshadowed what could have been a fantastic article. I have seen people who have committed murder just because they were angry at something very senseless. But I strongly believe that one can take some days to think through an issue before reaction. If you do, you may be proud of yourself just like I was. But in all likelihood, try to refrain from anger because anger can distort the truth. It can blind side you for a moment. It can also give you a convincing Judgment that is so absurd. It can also help you to ignorantly celebrate your greatness when you are totally being negatively judged by people like me.

In conclusion, I will encourage us to work on not only how we process information, but also on how to react to them.

Nkechi Waboso


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