Voice of Reason


I have often been asked where my strengths come from. My answer was coming from loving myself first. It also came from my abilities to catch dangers before it happened. One of my abilities is to stay away from whatever that is popular. Most importantly, I deal with reality and set goals for myself.

I am sick and tired of looking at people who think that if they cared less about themselves, waste as many times as they want, fall in love when they are 16, and marry their  prince charming at their  18th birthday, everything will be so perfect. Well tell them that they are in for their biggest disappointment of that year award (They might as well win that award). Life is too complicated to think that everything will work out well for the “plan less” souls. In life, one must have a steady and well planned strategy. The well-thought out one’s plan is the better chances one has at being successful.

The more times one wastes in life, the many more years that person will be watching every minute go so fast. The busier one is, the quicker time flies. Do not spend all your time wishing for things that may not be realistic. Life waits for nobody. Your strength should come from loving yourself, focusing on what is real. Have strategies on how to accomplish them; if you don’t, nobody will love you, but you.


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