Behind Closed Doors

I have always led these two lives. One can interpret my life as a tale of two halves. One half details my observation between a flashy lifestyle and dealing with realistic individuals. In my life I have some flashy friends, a group of people who do exhibit wealth, fashion, styles and cars. If you are less than perfect they had nothing to do with you. You must have their code languages which are weird and disturbing.  The problem is that one cannot really hold any kind of conversation with them without annoying the crap out of them. If you know me, I can hold any kind of conversation about sports, entertainment, people, culture and religion; that is just me. If you had just met me, probably because I have an accent, you would be wondering, “Well, English is her second language,” that she does not know what she is talking about. (I think you are wrong)

On the other hand, I also have well rounded intellectuals that I have been very close with for some time now. They are always calm, unassuming, not really flashy, sometimes you might think from distance that they are really outdated and worn out or whatever you might think about them (which doesn’t matter anyway), but guess what, you can hold a conversation–I mean any kind of conversation with them, and they will watch and listen to you with passion and warmth. Behind all these, I have always felt comfortable with people with realistic instincts; they do not have any code in their language. They treat everyone around them the same, with respect, love and admiration. I also found out that they could even buy flashier cars if they want to, but they chose not to because that does not really define who they really are. I have also learned over the years that these people can even show you ways to be successful. I have always said it; try living two lives and see how you can learn from people. And next time, you will understand why little minds focus on wealth, exhibition and other irrelevant stuff, while greater minds are always  full of Ideas, been humanitarian to a fault, and more importantly, they are always looking for ways  to improve the world. Think about that.


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