How to start a project

In life, it is often difficult to start anything whatsoever. That means you heard it from me. To start a project would often give headaches, sleepless nights, and sometimes confusing thoughts.There are three reasons why you should go with your heart.

First, you should always know that if you do not do it, the thought of not doing it will continue to bother you. Secondly, you should know that there are millions of people out there that will get courage from you even when it is not as perfect as you would want it. And lastly, why wait?. Procrastinating longer will take your joy away knowing you can do it.

As I am writing, I am one of those who is scared of starting a project.  I hope if you read this it will inspire you to follow your dreams and stop extending the date. Make it happen.


15 thoughts on “How to start a project

  1. So true!!! I try to tell myself this all the time and for various reasons, I always hold back and not pursue! Love hearing these encouraging words. One day your encouragement and writing will really light that fire for someone! Hopefully me!

    1. I cannot stress the importance of having people around who will encourage you
      to do something. It may not be perfect in the beginning, but with time it will be okay.

  2. Due to extreme fears, I find procrastination to be a form of paralysis.

    Today, people expect flowers or hearts from others. One way I celebrate Valentine or any other day, is by doing something, anything at all. Today, visualizing the flowers I gave to myself and feeling my own open heart I celebrate.

    Writing a few lines instead of an essay or a book is my celebration of the moment. The sense of accomplishment I feel takes me from fear to continued action. My action, soon enough, envelops me with self-satisfaction.

    The more I or others practice “action” the greater the important things feel. The little ones become the sweet nectar gifted by the universe.

  3. This is a very good post on trusting yourself and getting past the inertia of starting your own projects-thank you.very inspiring

  4. when wise men/women talk we know, u are indeed a wise woman, and with this i believe africa has hope of moving forward to there dreams

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